Social Entrepreneurship Resource Center

A library of links and resources for changemakers and social entrepreneurs at all stages. Inclusion does not indicate endorsement. Scroll through the whole page, or jump to major players, books/articles/blogs, conferences, experiential learning opps, enterprise tools, funding sources, or jobs boards. Then, tell us what we're missing or how we can make this more useful.

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Get Acclimated & Get Inspired

Some of the major players in the field. They promote awareness, influence policy, cultivate changemakers, or otherwise promote social entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship as a way of work and a way of life.

Get Smart & Get Informed

Books, magazines, articles, blogs, videos, and websites to read, watch, and follow.

Get Connected & Get Taught

Conferences, classes, institutes, networks, and meetups. Some cost money and others are free.

Get Experience

Internships, fellowships, volunteer trips, and other experiential learning experiences that prepare you for a career in social entrepreneurship or impact. Many cost money and may require you to do some fundraising in advance. Some include funding and/or cover additional expenses.

Get Organized

Tools and templates for mapping out your business model, writing your organizational plan and pitch, and measuring impact. 

Get Funded

Grants, prizes, awards, crowdfunding platforms, early-stage startup VC's, and other sources of money and in-kind support for social impact. Some are focused on a specific impact area, and some are not limited to social ventures. Some of these links take you to another list of funding sources. Brace yourself for lots of reading, research, and fine print; this is not easy stuff to navigate, but good legwork can pay off.

Get Hired

Job boards for people who want to work in a field of social change. Or if you're feeling lost, start here.

*Wesleyan links

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