Time Reporting for Hourly & Secretarial/Clerical Staff

Hourly Administrative Staff and Secretarial/Clerical Employees

Time and Time Off Recording -

Recording of Time

Time must be reported using the Time and Time Off Recording System available to you through the Employee Portfolio. Paychecks will reflect pay for the hours reported  each week. If the employee does not complete their timesheet each week, they will not be paid the following week for the time not reported. If this should happen, employees will need to report unrecorded hours to Payroll Services manually using the Hourly Additional Earnings Worksheet. Hours reported manually will be paid to you in the next available pay cycle.

Employees have access to view and report time for two weeks – the current reporting week and the next reporting week. After noontime on Friday, the employee will have access to the upcoming two weeks. It is recommended that employees only record time in the current week reporting timesheet unless you are recording vacation for an upcoming week.

Weekly Reporting Deadline

Employees are required to report time for the current week by noon on Friday. At noon, the system will no longer accept input of hours worked for the current week. If you forget to complete your timesheet, you will not be paid for the time that you did not report. If this should happen, you will need to manually report your missed time to Payroll Services. Adjustments will be made in the next available pay cycle.

Reporting Hours

Employees can only input the amount of hours they are scheduled for in the current work week. Their current work schedule is presented on the Main Menu page of the Time and Time Off Recording system. If they need to report hours above and beyond the weekly hours presented, they must have their supervisor submit the hours using the Hourly Additional Earnings Worksheet.

If an employee is asked to work in excess of their normal work day and are granted equivalent time off within the same week, actual hours worked should be recorded on each day (i.e. 9 hours on Monday, 5 hours on Tuesday).

If taking small increments of time off during the week, the time off should be reported appropriately against Sick Time, Personal Time, Bereavement, etc., whichever most closely reflects the need for the time off.

Reporting Vacation

If planning to take a week of vacation, time should be recorded ahead of schedule so that the time reporting record will be complete for the time out of the office. If two weeks of vacation, an employee can record both weeks any time after noon the Friday before their vacation begins.

Unplanned Absences

If an employee experiences an unplanned absence on Friday and is unable to complete their weekly time input, they can (1) access the Time and Time Off Recording System through their Employee Portfolio remotely from any computer, or (2) contact their supervisor before noon on Friday to complete their timesheet, or if their supervisor is unavailable, (3) contact Payroll Services by email and copy their supervisor. Payroll can manually adjust their hours directly in the payroll system up to the end of the day on Friday when the files are prepared for calculation and processing.

Adjustments/Error Correction

While it should be rare, if there is an error on a timesheet after it has been submitted, please notify Payroll Services immediately. Payroll will adjust pay records to reflect the appropriate change and will notify the Office of Human Resources.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. To access the ATS Time and Time Off Recording System, simply log onto your  Employee Portfolio. Under Personal Information, click on Time & Time Off Recording, and select Enter/Change Current Timesheet.
  2. The system will display timesheets for two weeks — the current reporting week and the next upcoming reporting week. Record the appropriate hours worked and not worked.
  3. Click on Save Timesheet. The system will calculate the time entered onto the timesheet. If an error is made, the employee can click on Re-Edit Time Sheet to open the page for editing.
  4. Hours can be entered on a daily basis. Hours entered and SAVED will appear when the employee logs in again. If they do not SAVE their hours before exiting the timesheet, they will not be recorded. Be sure to SAVE immediately after entering their data.


The Cancel feature will exit from the timesheet without saving their data. Using the Main Menu feature will return to the Main Menu.