Undergraduate Student Time Reporting

Web Based Entry

Undergraduate Student Employment Eligibility

Undergraduate students are eligible for part-time employment at the University as long as they provide the necessary proof of employment documentation. Please remind your student/s that a completed I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification form and supporting documentation as well as W-4 tax withholding forms must be completed prior to employment.

Undergraduate Student Time Entry Access

Undergraduate student supervisors may access Student Time Entry by logging onto their Employee Portfolio and clicking Student Time Reporting, under supervisor/ manager resources. Once logged in, you will navigate to the Student Time Entry pages by clicking on Wesleyan Menu, Student Payroll, Use. Timesheets are available from 12:00 noon on Wednesday through 12:00 noon on Monday for recording time.

Weekly Reporting Deadline

Supervisors are required to report time for their undergraduate students by noon each Monday for the proceeding week. At noon, the system will no longer accept input of hours worked for the current time period. Note: Monday deadline may be advanced due to holidays. If the timesheet is not completed by the deadline, the student will not be paid for the time that was not reported. You will need to submit hours to Payroll Services using the Wesleyan University Hourly Worksheet by the end of the business day on Monday or wait until the following week to report those hours not entered. Please see below for important information regarding retro hours.

Special Payments

Special payments for student services must be reported manually to Payroll Services using the Undergraduate Student Additional Earnings form. This form must be submitted to Payroll by noon on Monday to ensure accurate time reporting. Supervisor approval is required on this form.

Record Keeping

Student time reporting is subject to audit and it is your responsibility to maintain accurate time reporting records for your department. Upon completion of the weekly time entry it is recommended that you print a copy of the Student Time Entry input page by selecting File, Print. Attach your individual Student Time Sheets to this form and be sure to file it, You should keep these files for five full academic years. At any point in time, you are able to view prior time records on-line by clicking on the following menu items: Wesleyan menu / Student Payroll / Inquire / Student Time Entry Archive.

Departments using the Student Timeclock module need not to print weekly timesheets for students as they are recorded centrally in the Timeclock database.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To access the Student Time Entry system, simply log onto your Employee Portfolio, and under Supervisor/Manager Resources click Student Time Reporting.

1. Select option 1 on the sub-menu, Student Time Reporting

2. You have the option of working on timesheets by Department or by Group.

3. The Time Sheet will display students and their associated data based on the prior week’s time reporting. To record time, simply enter in the hours the student has worked in the current time reporting period.

4. To add a new student, click on the + insert button found to the right of the page. Enter in the appropriate Position, the WesID of the new student, Rate, Hours, and assign the student to a Group if you are using this feature of the system.

5. To remove a student from your Department’s time reporting, click on the - delete button to the far right of the student information.

6. When you have completed entering time for your students, click on the SAVE button at the bottom on the page to save your work. You may re-enter this page, add, change, and delete information at any time during the reporting time period up until noon time on Monday. When you re-enter the system, you will notice that all your data from previous sessions have been saved.

Time Reported from a Previous Pay Period (Retro)

Any time being reported from a prior work period is considered retroactive reported time (retro). This time must be reported within the Student Retro Hours module in Student Payroll. Time reported as retro will not be allocated to work study awards, charging the department fully for hours reported late.

Key Concepts

Position: a position consists of a unique Job Title, Account Number and Supervisor. Many undergraduate students can be assigned to the same position. Multiple positions can be set up for one account number. To request a new student position or to change an existing position, go to Administrative Applications / Student Time Reporting in your electronic portfolio.

Group: a group represents a defined population of students within a department which can be linked together for ease of time reporting. You can create/change groups to meet your own individual reporting needs. Groups are not required for processing. Groups are created by simply entering a group name and description in the Group filed on the Student Time Entry worksheet. Once created, the group can be used every week.

Security: Student Time Entry security is defined at the Executive Department level. You will have access only to those departments for which you are authorized to view and enter student time.

System Edits

The following edits have been added to the Time Entry system to assist you in accurate time reporting:

Only valid Student Positions for your department will be available;

You will not be allowed to pay a student less than minimum wage;

You will be warned when you have entered a student hourly rate between $12.00—$25.00, however, you will be allowed to enter time for a student at this rate;

You will be prevented from paying a student an amount greater than $25.00/hour;

You will be warned when you enter in hours greater than 20, however you will be allowed to enter in that time for a student; You will not be allowed to enter in more than 40 hours for a student in any one reporting period.


For assistance with this feature please contact the Payroll Office at extension 2670 or email payroll@wesleyan.edu.