Wesleyan University Temporary Employee

WesTemp Administration and Time Reporting

Employment Eligibility

A WesTemp is an employee of the University and as such must provide proof of employment eligibility to Human Resources by completing the I-9 prior to the start of their first assignment. Once the necessary documentation is completed, an employee record is established in the HRMS which places the individual in the WESTemp Pool of Temporary Employees. Only at this time can WesTemp assignments be initiated.

Hiring a Temp into a Department

Once a person is placed in the WesTemp pool by Human Resources, administrators can hire the person into their department using the WesTemp Administration Panels in PeopleSoft HRMS.

For detailed instructions please see this document: WesTemp Administration

Time Reporting

Once a temporary employee has been assigned to a department, the supervisor will be able to access the temp's record in the Temp Time Entry Panels in PeopleSoft HRMS.

The Time Sheet will display all active temporary employees within a specified department and their associated position data including hourly rate. To record time, simply enter in the hours the individual has worked in the current time reporting period. You are required to enter the WesID for the person who is approving the time entry submissions. This person is usually the direct supervisor and/or the department assistant.

Upon completion of entering time for the temporaries, click on the yellow SAVE button at the bottom on the page to save all work. This page will be available from noon Wednesday until noon time on Monday to add/change information provided during the current time period.

For ease of administration, administrators can 'link' like temporary employees by assigning them to groups. Assign all like temporary employees together by adding a consistent name under the 'Group' column on the Temp Time Entry page. After temps have been assigned to groups, administrators can access these selections by using the 'Temp Time (by group)' feature in PeopleSoft.