Room Condition Report

Wesleyan Physical Plant would like to welcome you to your room on campus. We hope you find everything in good condition. In order to facilitate repairs and to protect you from being charged for damages or missing furniture at the end of the school year, please inspect your room and complete the form below. Check each item as you inspect it. Note if the item is missing and if there is noticeable damage to an item, give a brief description next to the item. Submit this form within 5 days after you check into your room. If you find any safety or security issues, please contact Physical Plant by calling x3400 or emailing Thank you for your response!

Report below only if item is missing OR if there is noticeable damage to the item.

Missing furniture  --  $250 per item of furniture
Furniture is provided to all student rooms and lounges.  All furniture must remain in the room.  The University does not move or store furniture for students.  A fine will be charged for any furniture that is missing from a room.
 Tampering with a light fixture  --  $250 per fixture
Whenever a light fixture has been tampered with or damaged, a fine will be charged.  Tampering includes removing, painting or placing a cover over a light fixture.
Damaged lock and/or door  --  $250
Whenever it has been determined that a door or a locking device for a door has been damaged from misuse or vandalism a fine will be charged.

Damage to wall(s) or floors   --  $250 per surface
Fines will be charged whenever damage or vandalism occurs to a wall, ceiling or other basic building structure.  Damage includes holes, scrapes, dents and other physical damage.

Painting any part of a room or building  --  $250
Walls, ceilings, doors and windows are not allowed to be painted.  Students may not paint a wall a new color then paint it back again at the end of the year.  Painting of any wall in a room will result in a fine being charged.  

Broken window  --  $250
Any window identified to be broken from within the building or by building residents will be charged.
Damaged security screen  --  $500
A fine will be charged for any screen that needs to be repaired because it has been damaged.
If you live in an apartment or a wood frame house, please complete the following to document the damages/condition of your: