Physics Department COVID-19 Updates

This page provides brief updates to department activities affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  The Physics Department is making every effort to ensure the safety of our students, staff, and faculty, while maintaining the rigor and personal engagement of our course offerings.  

We will update this page as circumstances warrant, so check back if you have any concerns, or contact

Below is a brief summary of lecture and lab courses for Fall 2020, including teaching modes and any special notes.

Physics Major Lab Requirement Concerning PHYS 342/345:

Our current lab requirement states that "one of the two laboratory courses must be an advanced experimental lab, either PHYS 342 or PHYS 345."  During the covid-19 pandemic, students may consult with their physics major advisor about meeting this aspect of the lab requirement with 1 credit of PHYS 423/424 Research Seminar involving experimental research.  This is independent and separate from the existing substitution allowed without advisor consultation.

Physics Major/Minor Requirments:

During the covid-19 pandemic, the physics department has changed all course grade modes to "student option", and students may meet any physics "A-F" grade mode requirements with the "CR/U" mode if desired.  We strongly urge you to discuss the impact of this temporary option with your physics advisor.

Course Mode Instructor(s) Notes
PHYS 111 Hybrid with Remote Students Tu, Huwel & Ellis
PHYS 113 Hybrid with Remote Students Paily & Sher
PHYS 121 Hybrid with Remote Students Tu
PHYS 123 Hybrid with Remote Students Paily
PHYS 207 Hybrid with Remote Students Etson
PHYS 213 In-Person with Remote Students Starr In-person lectures will be live-streamed and recorded.
PHYS 315 Online Blumel
PHYS 324 Online Kottos
PHYS 342 In-Person only Huwel
PHYS 505 In-Person only Voth
PHYS 507 In-Person only Huwel
PHYS 509 Online Blumel
PHYS 521 Online Kottos
PHYS 573 Hybrid with Remote Students Ellis