April 3, 2020: Wesleyan has announced that it will postpone the 2020 graduation ceremony. We expect the Board of Trustees to vote to award degrees at its May meeting, and for official purposes, the University will graduate all those who qualify. We will find a way to mark that event in some festive, if still virtual, way at that time. In addition, we’ll plan to celebrate the 2020 graduates at an in-person event at some point in the future.

Reunions as planned for this May will not be taking place as scheduled, due to continuing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 virus. We had hoped that the trajectory of the pandemic might be such that we could move ahead, but under current conditions, have decided that gathering a large group of alumni, guests, students, faculty and staff in May would pose too large a risk to the health and safety of our community and beyond.

We will continue to regularly communicate with the Wesleyan community, and will post updates here and to this website with the latest available information.

We appreciate your patience during this time of uncertainty.


Questions? Please contact your reunion class liaison or email us at rc@wesleyan.edu.


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