Prepare for Arrival

We look forward to welcoming students back to campus for spring semester beginning February 5. Below is a guide to arrival, including a checklist of steps that students must complete before coming to campus.


  • Medical

    • Schedule your arrival COVID test appointment onlineThis appointment must be your first stop upon arriving to campus. The number of available tests each hour is limited. Students traveling by plane with late arrivals should contact to secure a later time slot.
    • Complete your COVID-19 PCR test within 5 days prior to leaving home. (Find a local testing site on Upload a negative test result to WesPortal and bring a copy with you to campus. If your test comes back positive, if you have symptoms, or if you have a known or suspected COVID exposure, please stay home until medically cleared.
    • Get a flu shot if you did not get one on-campus in the fall, and send proof to by January 20.
  • Self-Quarantine

    • Self-quarantine during the two weeks leading up to your arrival on campus (beginning January 22). 
  • Read and Consent

    • Code of Conduct. All students must read and acknowledge the student Code of Conduct, which has been updated for spring semester and will be posted in WesPortal. This document clearly states expectations for student conduct, and non-compliance will result in a student being immediately asked to leave campus in order to protect the health and safety of others.
    • COVID-19 Testing on Campus. Students who were NOT on campus in the fall must electronically sign a testing waiver for the Broad Institute and Wesleyan (available in WesPortal beginning the last week of January).
  • Be Sure to Pack...

    • Your thermometer and fever-reducing medication to monitor your temperature or in case you become ill.
    • Your Wes ID and/or government-issued ID. If you have lost your Wes ID, email to request a reprint. The WesCard Office will have your replacement ID available with your residence keys upon your arrival.

Arrival on Campus

    • Plan to arrive on campus at the time of your testing appointment, not before. 

    • Visit the COVID-19 testing site (in Beckham Hall) before proceeding to your assigned residence. Again, this must be your first stop on the day you arrive on campus, and you will receive your residential keys in Fayerweather after being tested.

    • Move in to your residence. Only students are permitted to enter the residence.

Arrival Quarantine Specifics

Spring semester will begin with an initial state-mandated two-week quarantine period from Feb. 5–21. (Students who received permission to come to campus early must also quarantine for two weeks upon first arriving). During the initial quarantine period, students:

    • Should not leave campus for any reason other than an emergency (with approval from the Davison Health Center).
    • Should remain in their residence except to get COVID tests, to pick up meals at Summerfields, or to exercise by themselves outdoors on campus.
    • Should take extra care in wearing masks at all times, including when in shared residential settings (woodframe living rooms and residence hall lounges).