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Students seeking the International Relations Certificate are required to take a foreign language to the intermediate level, introductory government, history, and economics courses, and five advanced global systems and area studies courses, some of which must focus on developing countries. The foreign language requirement is met by coursework through the intermediate college level in any foreign language or demonstration of proficiency gained elsewhere (four semesters or the equivalent). Introductory courses should ideally be taken during the student’s first two years at Wesleyan. Advanced courses should be identified from the international relations course list in WesMaps. At least one advanced course must be taken from each of three different disciplines, at least two must be taken from the global systems section of the list, and at least two more must be taken from the area studies section of the list. Two of the area studies courses must focus on developing countries.

Students are urged to study abroad, preferably in a non-English speaking country, to improve language skills. Internships in foreign-policy fields (with international organizations, government agencies, multinational corporations, or nonprofit organizations) are encouraged.

A maximum of two courses taken at other institutions, either in the United States or abroad, may be counted toward the IR Certificate after they have been approved by the appropriate Wesleyan department chair for Wesleyan major credit. Once this approval has been given, the IR Certificate Committee will determine which of the requirements the course might fulfill.

Wesleyan courses that count toward the certificate are listed under IR Certificate courses on the Fries Center for Global Studies website. To receive the certificate upon graduation, students will be required to have an overall GPA of B+ or higher in the advanced courses submitted for certification (if only five courses are listed). The GPA requirement is waived if qualifying students take a sixth advanced course. Certification will appear on the student’s transcript after graduation.