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The certificate program offers undergraduate students a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training in Jewish and Israel studies. Over a three-year cycle, courses are offered in various departments and in a number of academic areas including Jewish religion, Jewish history and culture, Israel studies, and Jewish letters. The certificate program gives students an opportunity to forge coherence in that large part of the curriculum that falls outside the major.

The program requires students to take seven courses in Jewish and Israel studies and Hebrew courses taught by core faculty, affiliated faculty, and distinguished visitors.

  • Courses are grouped into four pathways (clearly labeled in WesMaps):
    • Israel Studies
    • Religion of the Jewish People
    • Jewish Literature and Culture
    • History of the Jewish People
  • Courses required for the certificate:
    • Two courses taken in the Religion Department and the History Department. Please consult the director and WesMaps for course offerings.
    • Five additional courses chosen from an array of courses included in the Certificate Program.

Candidates for the certificate are strongly encouraged to study Hebrew. Students pursuing the Israel Studies pathway may count more than two Hebrew courses towards the certificate.

Students can enroll in this certificate program through their electronic portfolio at the same time that they declare a major. To receive the certificate, students must maintain a B+ average in courses in the program.

Please consult the director of the Center for Jewish Studies, Dalit Katz, with any questions regarding the requirements and/or the Certificate in Jewish and Israel Studies.