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The Writing Certificate is designed to provide a flexible framework within which students from all majors can develop proficiency in creative writing (poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, screenwriting, playwriting) and forms of nonfiction such as criticism, (auto)biography, science writing, political and literary journalism, and writing about academic subjects for nonspecialists.

Goals. This certificate provides opportunities for students to acquire the critical and technical vocabulary for analyzing their own and others’ writing; become skilled editors; learn to write and analyze writing in a variety of genres and styles; learn to present specialized subject matter to nonspecialist audiences; explore, through practice, the many ways in which the written language can function; and participate in a community of students and faculty who share a passion for writing.

Community. Wesleyan supports a thriving community of writers who regularly come together for formal and informal readings of their work, discussions, workshops, meetings, and gatherings with writers, editors, and publishers visiting campus, and with the full-time and part-time writing faculty. Students working toward the certificate will be integrated into these activities and will contribute to the public presence of writing on campus. Some activities will be organized specifically for certificate candidates.

Advising. The instructors of writing courses and the members of the Writing Certificate Committee are available to students seeking guidance on possibilities for graduate study and careers involving writing.

Admission and Requirements. To earn the certificate, students must take at least five full-credit courses. These include

  • At least one course designated as an entry-level craft or technique course, but no more than two such courses;
  • Three electives, one of which may be a second entry-level craft or technique course, at least one of which must employ a workshop format, and one of which must be a Permission-of-the-Instructor course. One one-credit senior thesis or senior essay tutorial may be counted as an elective if the thesis entails creative writing.
  • WRCT350, a one-credit credit/unsatisfactory course, in which the participants work on compiling and revising portfolios of their work and present their work in class and to the public in events organized for this purpose.
  • Students must achieve a GPA of at least 3.5 in the courses counted toward the certificate.

Admission to Certificate Candidacy. Students may apply for candidacy in their sophomore or junior year. They must have taken—for a letter grade—one of the courses listed as eligible for the certificate and received a grade of B+ or better. (COL and CSS students concerned about the grade requirements should see Frequently Asked Questions.)

Interested students should contact Anne Greene, certificate coordinator, at agreene@wesleyan.edu.