Course Cluster in Heath Studies

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Training for the health professions requires knowledge of a broad array of subjects, both science and non-science. For those seeking careers in a wide variety of health professions such broad-based training begins at the undergraduate level. Increasingly, emphasis is placed on the quantitative, medical knowledge required for patient care, the interpersonal and communication skills required for working in health care teams, and the cultural competencies needed for working with a rapidly changing patient demographic.  The health studies course cluster offers students information about the types of courses at Wesleyan that provide appropriate background for those seeking careers in the health professions.

The goal of current health professions graduate programs is to create health professionals who have the knowledge, skills and flexibility to succeed in today's rapidly evolving health care environment. In addition to the commonly required science courses in biology, chemistry, and physics, studying anthropology, sociology, ethics, psychology, and statistics is an important aspect of preparation for any of the health professions, along with the ability to integrate and apply the knowledge obtained to improve health outcomes for all populations.  Having appropriate courses listed in the cluster encourages students to sample the breadth of the curriculum while still achieving proficiency in the recommended areas.  There are multiple courses in any one disciplinary area that can provide the needed information and conceptual foundation, so the cluster highlights many different courses offering appropriate content. We want to encourage students to pursue an integrative, interdisciplinary approach to their education in this area.

Students and advisors are encouraged to make use of the cluster listing when selecting courses to fulfill major, minor and certificate requirements, as well as general education expectations.  By choosing from cluster courses students will gain proficiency in the health studies area while also mastering the in-depth disciplinary perspective that comes with their chosen major.