Grade Chart & GPA

The Wesleyan GPA is the sum of the grade point values divided by the sum of earned credits. The grade point value for each course is derived by multiplying the numeric grade equivalency by the earned credits. Courses which have earned zero credits (such as the first half of a sequence course) are not part of this equation. As a service to students we also provide an alternate GPA on the transcript that is converted from the Wesleyan GPA by subtracting 55 and dividing the remainder by 10. This calculation could result in an alternate GPA that is higher than 4.0. To calculate a true 4.0 GPA use the chart below. Find the 4.0 GPA equivalent numeric value of the letter grade. Multiply this by the credit value of the class. This is the grade point value for the class. Sum the grade point values and divide this number by the sum of the credits and this will produce your 4.0 grade point average.  This chart is intended for conversion of a letter grade to numeric value and is used for the GPA calculation.  It is not intended  for a conversion from numeric to letter.  The number in this chart is the median numeric grade value.  For numeric grade conversion to letter grade please click here.

Letter Grade Numeric Grade 4.0 GPA Equivalent
A+ 98.3 4.0

95.0 4.0
A- 91.7 3.7
B+ 88.3 3.3

85.0 3.0
B- 81.7 2.7
C+ 78.3 2.3

75.0 2.0
C-  71.7 1.7
D+ 68.3 1.3

65.0 1.0
D- 61.7 0.7
E+ 58.3 0.0
55.0 0.0
E- 51.7 0.0
45.0 0.0