Online Thesis Registration Packet - Spring 2022


Dear Honors Candidate:

To assist in the thesis/essay submission process, the Registrar's Office has developed a comprehensive online packet outlining important information you need to know in order to prepare and submit your thesis or essay for honors consideration. Please note: these instructions do not pertain to studio art majors and filmmakers with the exception of the Thorndike Application which they can apply for. All students who intend to register a written thesis, must adhere to these guidelines.

Click on the following links to access:

The thesis/essay submission deadline is 4 pm on Thursday, April 14, 2022.

To begin the thesis registration process, click the Register Thesis button that will appear in your My Honors panel on your thesis registration date.

Important Reminder:  The Honors Committee now requires each and every honors candidate who registers and uploads a written thesis via portfolio to include an abstract.  The abstract is expected to be 1-2 pages (no more than 3 pages) in length and must be entered into a separate required field during the registration process.  For this reason, we are recommending that students create their abstract as a word document that they can then copy and paste into this required field. If you have questions about how to create an abstract, we suggest you contact a university librarian or ask your tutor for assistance.  Students will not be permitted to complete the registration process without entering this information, so be prepared in advance.

Also remember: all theses will now be printed and bound double sided. See updated instructions in the Jellybean Papers to accommodate this change.

STEP 1  Upload and register a PDF version of your thesis or essay through your portfolio before 4 pm on Thursday, April 14th.  During this process the system will automatically calculate and add to your order the required Olin copy and your department copy if necessary.  All associated fees will automatically be charged to your Student Account.  You will also be asked to complete a Thesis Reproduction Agreement for Olin Library. The Thorndike Credit will automatically be applied and deducted from your costs during registration and will display accordingly. This year's Thorndike reimbursement is expected to be $60 per student.

STEP 2  Printed reader copies are optional this year due to the ongoing pandemic. Make sure you contact your department to confirm readers will evaluate your work electronically. If some of your readers still require printed copies, please deliver them as appropriate.



We suggest that you refer to the links provided here throughout the remainder of the term.  Please also refer to the Honors Website for detailed information.  If you have any questions about the thesis/essay submission process, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.  I can be reached by phone at x2738 or via email at

SUSAN KRAJEWSKI, Senior Associate Registrar