Rising sophomores are limited to two-person groups through the room selection process. The Copenhagens allow six rising sophomores to select housing together prior to the room selection process. Copenhagens are 4 single-occupancy rooms, 1 double-occupancy room, and 2 bathrooms located at the end of a hallway.The 6 students decide among themselves who will have the double-occupancy room.  We are able to offer rising sophomores 9 Copenhagens this year. 

Next year, each Copenhagen will be responsible for planning and executing 1 floor program per semester with their RA. We hope this will increase the cohesion between the Copenhagen residents and the rest of the hallmates. Be sure that you have discussed this requirement as a group and feel comfortable with it before applying to live in a Copenhagen.

Example of a Copenhagen: Butterfield B, rooms 201-205

Application Process

How to Register

1. You must be a group of 6 students who have not applied to a Program House/Community Based Living option, registered or joined a GRS group, or be a resident advisor candidate.

2. Each member of the group must accept the Housing Contract and acknowledge Lead Paint Disclosure in the GRS system.     

3. Designate 1 member of the group to register it by clicking "Register a new group"under the right-hand menu's Copenhagen section. Once the group is registered, a number starting with "cphgn" and five digits after the letters will appear. This number should be given to your other group members.

4. The remaining 5 members need to join the group. To do so, they log into their e-portfolio/GRS website and click "Add to a group" under the Copenhagen section on the right-hand menu. Input the Copenhagan group number (starting with "cpghn") and submit. The blue and yellow boxes in the upper left hand corner will reflect your submission.

5. As a group, answer the application questions. Delegate one person to submit the application by Noon on Monday, February 25, 2013.

A Residential Life professional staff member will review the applications with the current Butterfield staff to select which groups will be selected. Applications will remain anonymous and the groups will be selected based on their responses.

Copenhagen applicant groups will find out their status on Monday, March 4, 2013 by looking in their e-portfolio. If they are accepted, the GRS process is complete and they will be assigned to one of the 9 Copenhagens. Any groups that do not get a Copenhagen can apply to aprogram house or community based living option through open bid or create/join a room selection group by Wednesday, April 3, 2013.

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