COVID-19 Opening FAQ


FAQs: Fall 2020 Semester and Move In Process 

Assignments, Pull-In Process, and Related Questions: 

  • Can another student be pulled into a vacancy in my unit if they already have a housing assignment? 

Yes, except for students who applied to and were accepted into Program Housing as that is a year long commitment.  However, the deadline for pull ins was July 27.   

  • How does the pull in process work, what are the deadlines, and can those deadlines be extended? 

The pull in process is designed to provide students who have an eligible vacancy in their space to pull in another student to that vacancy.  The deadlines were July 17th for students to inform ResLife that they will not be in person for the Fall semester and July 27th for remaining roommates of those vacancies to submit requests to pull in another student.  However, the deadline for pull ins was July 27. 

  • Where can I find my housing assignment? 

In your WesPortal, Click on housing assignment. 

  • For students who were planning to study abroad and subsequently had their programs cancelled, how does housing work for them? 

Students who were planning to study abroad and want to live on campus but have not yet contacted the office should email as soon as possible, and we will be sure they receive an assignment.   

  • Is housing guaranteed for students who don’t currently have housing due to study abroad program changes? 

Yes, all students who have not been approved for off campus status or remote study will receive an assignment. 

  • If the university needs to close residences and transition to fully online learning, as happened in the Spring semester, what happens then? 

In the event that the university transitions to a fully distance learning model, students will be required to fully move out of their residential spaces on campus.  The logistics for this move out will be highly dependent upon the factors contributing to the campus closure and will be communicated around the time that the closure is announced, should there be one.  Therefore, students are encouraged to bring only what is absolutely required, so that it is easier for them to pack and leave campus, should it be necessary.  Prior to arriving on campus, they should develop a plan for how they will vacate mid-semester, if the university needs to close its residences. 

  • Will students be in the same housing assignments when they return from Winter break for the Spring semester? 

Yes- housing assignments are for both semesters, so a student living on campus for the Fall semester would be in the same housing assignment for the Spring semester. 

  • Where can I find contact information for my roommate(s)? 

In your WesPortal, in the same spot as your housing assignment. 


  • How will program house key pickups be coordinated? 

Keys will be picked up from ResLife staff during the move in day process.  Staff will be available to distribute keys from 10 am – 7 pm each day, August 24 – August 30.  Locations will be communicated during the week of August 17. 

  • For students that are pulled into a vacancy, when do they need to decide whether they will return for the Fall semester in-person? 

The deadline for students to inform the university of their plans to study fully remotely is August 31.   They should notify their class dean if this is their intent. 

  • What does the end of the semester look like? Closing at Thanksgiving or will there be an opportunity to stay on campus beyond that? 

Students are expected to leave campus on Tuesday, November 24.  Students who have class that evening can request an extension to leave by noon on Wednesday.  Students who have extenuating circumstances may request being permitted to stay on campus through the winter break, but will be expected to not leave Middletown during that period. 

  • Can I switch rooms within an apartment or wood frame house? 

Yes, email us at and copy all the other residents of the unit on your email. 

  • Will more students be offered single occupancy rooms if residents of those spaces decide not to be in-person for the Fall? 

Students who are interested in being assigned to a single room may submit a room change form after arriving on campus, and we will accommodate those requests as space becomes available. 

  • Are all rooms for the Fall semester single occupancy or double occupancy? 

We are using spaces single and double occupancy rooms for the upcoming Fall semester.  If your assignment or the floor plan says it is a triple room, only two students will be assigned to it, but all three sets of furniture will need to remain in the room. 

  • When can I expect to hear updates on my housing assignment? 

Incoming freshman assignments are now visible on WesPortal.  Students who are still in need of housing assignments will have assignments visible on August 7th. 


  • Will family visits to campus be allowed? 
  • What is the policy on visitors to campus during the semester? 

Visitors are not allowed to the campus at this time.  If conditions improve, this policy may be adjusted accordingly. 

  • Are shuttle services provided? 
Effective Sunday August 23rd will be the last time to go grocery shopping and the shuttle will resume on Wednesday September 9th with the regular schedule returning on Wednesday and Sunday.


Student Staff: 

  • What is the move in process for RAs? Do they sign up for a timeslot? 

RAs, CAs, HMs, and HRs have all received information via email from ResLife regarding their move in timeline and process.  Student staff who are unable to arrive until August 24 – August 30 should sign up for a timeslot.  For any questions remaining about the move in process, they should communicate with their Area Coordinator. 

  • Will there be RAs living on floors with new freshmen students? 

Yes, we have student staff in various positions located around campus which includes RAs living in residence halls with incoming first year students. 


Move In Process: 

  • Do both roommates need to sign up for the same timeslot? 

No.  We actually encourage roommates to coordinate for different timeslots to avoid the potential of their respective parent/family interacting while assisting the students during the move in process.  This is to help reduce potential exposure. 

  • How does the sign up tool work for move in timeslots? 
  • Who needs to sign up for a timeslot? 
  • What if I signed up for the wrong timeslot? 

The student or a member of the student’s family can sign up for a timeslot during the August 24 – 30 move in week.  Students moving into woodframe houses, program houses, or the apartments (other than High Rise) do not need to sign up for a timeslot. 

If a student has signed up for the wrong timeslot, please contact Kieran Duffy at to update this information. 

  • Can more than one parent/family/friend accompany the student to assist with move in?  Is this restriction applied to the campus as a whole or just to the residential building the student lives in? 

No one will be permitted to go into the residence with the student.  Students should pack lightly, as they will need to bring everything in by themselves. 

  • What are the testing requirements prior to arriving for move in? For parents? 

See the information about testing on the university COVID webpage, as this information continues to evolve. 

  • If a student cannot make it to campus within the timeframe of 10 am – 7 pm due to travel arrangements, what should they do? 

Students should email to coordinate the pickup of their keys if they are not able to arrive to campus within the timeframe above. 


  • Will there be carts available during move in days? 

Yes, we will have some carts available and distributed around campus to assist with moving belongings from vehicles to the buildings. 

  • Where should I go when arriving to campus to move in?  Should folks accompanying the student stay in the car? 

We will be communicating specific check in locations to students based upon their housing assignments, students should plan on checking in at their appropriate check in location to pick up their key.  Individuals accompanying the student should remain in or near the vehicle as they will not be able to accompany the student into the building. 

  • Will staff be available to help students move their belongings into the residences? 

Unfortunately, we will not have staff available to assist with the movement of belongings into residences.  All staff will be needed to manage the logistics of the move in process and distribute keys. 


  • What is a cohort, how are they set up, can you change your cohort, and what are the differences between a cohort and other members of the Wesleyan community? 

Cohorts are larger social groupings outside a family unit.  When conditions improve, preventive measures may be relaxed for individuals when interacting with their cohort.  Cohorts will be defined at a later date. 

  • What is a family unit and how does it differ from a cohort? 

Family unit is the smallest possible grouping of students who share a living space and interact regularly (daily).  The size and scope of a family unit differs based on the housing assignment of the student.  For residence halls and program houses, it is students who share a bedroom.  In wood frame houses and apartments, it is all members of the unit. 

  • Will guidelines be relaxed amongst cohorts? 

We do not have plans to relax guidelines amongst cohorts at this time as that would directly contradict the healthcare guidance and regulations we need to abide by.  However, we hope to be able to do so should the situation improve and healthcare guidance permit it. 

  • How can students interact with others outside of their family unit? 

There are many avenues that a student may explore to interact with others- virtually and in-person.  As long as the student is following the guidelines provided regarding facial coverings and social distancing, they can certainly connect- taking a walk around campus, studying together, chatting on the phone, texting, video calls, social media, etc. 

  • How full will campus be and how does this compare to a typical year? 

As students are still making their decisions regarding the fall semester, it is difficult to predict at this time. 

  • What will the cleaning services look like in the residences?  Any differences between residence halls, program houses, apartments, and woodframes? 

Physical Plant will be engaged in more frequent cleaning services for the residence hall spaces as well as program house spaces.  Custodial service will not be entering woodframe houses, but cleaning supplies will be made available to those students. 

  • What does the orientation program look like and will there be a virtual program for parents? 

Orientation will be held in a virtual format for students and parents.  Please check the orientation website for more details. 

  • What does the experience look like for bathroom use? 
  • Cleaning? 
  • How many people share a bathroom? 
  • Availability of Cleaning Supplies? 

Bathrooms will have increased frequency of cleaning from custodial services in residence halls and program houses.  According to state guidelines, personal belongings may not be kept in the shared bathrooms.  Therefore, cubbies have been temporarily covered.  Air hand dryers have been disconnected.  Students are only permitted to use the bathroom on the corridor on which they live. 

Cleaning supplies will be made available for students in woodframe houses and apartments. 

The number of students that share a bathroom varies depending on the type of housing and specific building.  Additional signage will be posted and education provided around bathroom use for students to promote greater health and safety with regard to COVID.1 


  • Will students be allowed to go off campus? 
  • Grocery stores? 
  • Local businesses? 

After the initial quarantine period, students will be permitted to travel within a 25 mile radious of campus. 


  • How can program houses maintain social distancing requirements? 

The “COVID occupancy”, which is the maximum number of students permitted in a common area that would still enable them to remain 6 feet apart, will be posted in each area.  It is approximately 30% of the fire code capacity. 

  • Community kitchens. 

The maximum occupancy will be posted in the kitchen areas.  Students should also maintain social distancing and use facial coverings.