COVID-19 Early Housing Closure FAQ

Residential Life FAQs

Please note: the extension for removal of student belongings that were left on campus has been extended until May 30. This date may be extended further if conditions have not improved by then.

Assistance for students being relocated on campus:

Wesleyan Transportation Services will provide transportation for students being relocated to Bennet, Clark, 200 Church and the Butterfields who need assistance.

Students requesting assistance should review the below listed guidelines:

1. Service is available Saturday April 4 and Sunday April 5 from 8 a.m. until 4:45 p.m.

2. On Saturday or Sunday students should call public Safety at 860-685-2345 to schedule service.

3. Students should be prepared to tell the dispatcher how many items they have, where they are located (and agree on meeting point) and the destination of the items being transported.

4. Students are responsible for all lifting and loading of boxes and material.

5. Students should call the number above to confirm they are ready to be picked up. Their items should be near the entrance of their dorm or living space ready to go at the time they call. If a student is not ready when the van arrives the driver will leave. Students will be conveyed to the public storage facility and dropped off. They will be responsible for unloading their items and completing all necessary paperwork with the storage facility operator. Students will be transported back to campus upon completion of their activities.

6. Drivers will do their very best to maintain an on time schedule. However delays at the storage facility will likely create some backlog and we ask students be patient.

If you have specific questions about this process please contact public Safety at 860-685-2345.


What if I can't afford to fly back to campus or have my belongings shipped? 

If you are unable to return to campus for financial reasons and cannot afford to hire a moving company, please send and email to Reslife and your class dean. 

Can my family/friend get into my room to pack?

If you have family members or friends coming to pack your room, send an email to with the name(s) of who is going to need access, an aproximate date of their arrival, and your housing assignment and room number. Please make sure your room number matches your assignment in your Wes Portal. For example, if you were assigned to room 4 in 210 Cross but are living in room 5, we will need to know so we can update our system and let your family/friends into the correct room. 

What happens if I can’t take all my belongings with me?
If you are not able to return to campus, you can contact Martin Movers or 2 Brothers Moving, local companies that will pack and either store or ship your belongings home to you.

What happens if I leave things behind?
You should pack all your belongings, making sure to check in drawers and under the bed.  When Physical Plant cleans your residence, anything left behind will be discarded.  If large items or numerous items are left behind, you will be charged for removal and disposal. If you have furniture or large items you are going to dispose of, please see the map of dumpster locations on campus

What are students using for storage and packing?

U-Haul is offering 30 days of free storage to college students displaced by coronavirus

Company What they do

Martin Movers


Pack, ship and store your belongings


Two Brothers Moving 


Pack and ship your belongings


Dorm Room Movers


Move and store your belongings. The student must pack their belongings and meet them at their room. Use code "Wesleyan20" for 20% off



Where do I turn in my key?
Keys can be brought to the Office of Residential Life on the ground floor of North College during office hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:00) or deposited in the key drop box between North and South College at all other times.  Please be sure to use a key return envelope, and fill in all the required information.  If keys are not returned, a lock change will need to be done and charged to your student account. If you took your key home with you, return your key to Reslife, preferably via registered priority mail. Please mail keys to this address- Office of Residential Life 237 High St. Middletown CT 06459

What happens if I am granted an extension to remain on campus until the end of the semester?                 Depending on your current assignment, you may have to move, but you will be given some time to do so. Should any students exhibit signs of Coronavirus, they will be quarantined in another building. If you need an extension to stay past March 23rd, please fill out this petition

How will I select housing for next year?
Program housing, copenhagens and community based living (Westco, 200 Church, substance free, quiet and single sex floor) applications will open on March 23 as planned.  Since program housing selection is done electronically, the process will be the same for students who are interested in living in a program house or community based living program. 

Housing selection begins in April.  Most of the process is done electronically.   You will receive more information April 1 regarding how the remainder of the process will be done.

It will be very important that you read emails sent from Residential Life throughout whichever process you are considering, and pay close attention to deadlines.


Students leaving cars here need to be NORTH of the entrance to the lot.  Simple way to say it is when you come into the lot turn TORWAD the tennis courts.  Park in a designated space in that section of the lot.  Avoid any space south of the entrance.



Grocery Shuttle and RIDE 

For students approved to remain on campus, the scheduled grocery will continue to run on Wednesdays and Sundays on its normal time schedules.  Pick up locations and drop-off procedures will remain the same. 

At the conclusion of spring break, RIDE service will be maintained with reduced service levels. It is anticipated the RIDE will operate from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. each day until further notice.  Should changes to the schedule occur information will be sent to all students.

What do I do with my bike on campus?

Students who have a bicycle on campus and who are unable to bring it with them when they leave campus may secure it in one of the bike rooms within specific residential buildings on campus.  The following three residence buildings have spaces to store bikes:  Bennett, Clark, Fauver apartments.  If a student needs access to one of these buildings in order to store their bicycle they should reach out to residential life at

Pedal Power, located on Main St, will do long and short term storage. They will also ship bikes. 


1 Vine Street laundry is temporaril out of commision. The next closest laundry facility for students is 253 Pine Street