Guest Access

*Fall 2020 update- to reduce the potential spread of the corina virus, we will not be giving guest access until further notice*

1. Guest Access requests are accepted from the first week of the semester through two weeks before the end of the semester.
2. Request for guest access must be initiated by the resident of the building.
3. The guest must be a Wesleyan undergraduate student who does not reside in the building. Guest access will not be granted to graduate students.
4. Guest access to program houses/halls is not permitted.
5. Hosts are allowed a MAXIMUM OF 1 GUEST REQUEST PER YEAR. Guest information needs to be accurate or the request will be denied.
6. Guest access will be deactivated if the host moves, goes abroad, or takes a leave of absence.

Please allow up to 5 business days for access to be granted.  We appreciate your patience.

To remove someone's guest access, please email  

The guest access form is available. Please click here to fill out the request form.