Bed Bug Protocol

Largely eradicated as pests in the developed world in the early 1940s, bedbugs have seen a resurgence over the last several years.  Unfortunately our campus is not immune to this problem.  While dealing with bed bugs can be frustrating and exhausting, it is possible to rid them from your residence.  Wesleyan University works closely with a local, licensed exterminator to help us safely eradicate any occurrence of bed bugs from campus.

Any student concerned about his or her residence having bed bugs should contact Physical Plant immediately at 860-685-3400.  Evening and weekend concerns should be reported to Public Safety.

Students should not clean their room or belongings until an inspector can determine if there are any signs of bed bugs.  If possible, students should try to retrieve a sample bug with clear tape for the exterminator to examine.

1. Exterminator should inspect the residence.

  • While not required, students are encouraged to be present during the inspection by the exterminator. 
  • Students who report suspected bed bugs on a work day when the exterminator can be dispatched within 24 hours will be asked not to relocate to any other room until their room can be inspected by the University’s exterminator.  This is CRUCIAL so that we can prevent the spread of bed bugs if they are found to be in a student’s room and belongings.
  • Students may not, at any time, deny the exterminator or Physical Plant staff access to their living spaces (including bedrooms, common area, kitchen, bathroom, etc.)
  • Since bedbugs are treatable, Residential Life will not facilitate permanent room changes for these situations.

2. If the exterminator cannot find any evidence of bed bugs….

  • The exterminator will not chemically treat the room if there is no evidence of bed bugs present; however, a glue board may be installed to monitor activity. The student will be asked to continue monitoring hir living space, and to notify Physical Plant immediately if there are further concerns.  
3.  If the exterminator confirms the presence of bed bugs….
  • If the exterminator concludes that bed bugs are present in the residence, Physical Plant and Residential Life will provide the affected student(s) with a detailed list of instructions for the removal and laundering of their personal items.  
  • Wesleyan University will provide students with plastic bags and cover the cost of laundry.
  • The University relies on the assessment of the exterminator to identify signs of bed bugs in any residence. 
  • Bed bugs are a serious community issue, and ALL students are expected to comply with instructions given to them within 24 hours once bed bugs have been confirmed within their living space.

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