Room Change Information 

The Office of Residential Life offers a room change request process for students who wish a change in assignment.  Room Change Request forms are available on the first-day of classes each semester. A student can either download the form off this page or obtain one from either our main office located in the lower level of North College or at one of our Area Offices (Bennet Hall, Butterfield A, or Hewitt 8). Room Change Request forms must be submitted in person and cannot be emailed directly to a staff member. Room changes are not offered until two weeks after the semester begins, nor during the four-week period before the semester ends.

Once a student submits a room change request form to our office, the form is given to hir Area Coordinator.  The Area Coordinator will meet with the student to discuss why ze is seeking a change in assignment.  We highly encourage students who are having issues with their living situation to speak to their student staff member (Community Advisor, House Manager, or Resident Advisor) before filing a room change request form. The Area Coordinator may determine that a mediation needs to occur between the conflicting parties, either with assistance from designated Residential Life staff or Area Coordinator.

Please note that an individual student is not permitted to move into a completely open double-occupancy room, nor from a single-occupancy room to another single-occupancy room. Program housing and community based living are year-long commitments and students in these communities should not file room change requests for other residences/programs. Any unauthorized room changes/swaps will result in a $250.00 illegal move fine and/or judicial action.

If a Room Change Request is granted the following steps occur:

  1. An Area Coordinator will meet with the Assignments Coordinator to discuss available spaces. 
  2. The Area Coordinator will contact the student via email regarding the new assignment offer.  A student will have 48 hours to accept or decline a room change offer.  If a student does not respond, the offer is withdrawn and the space can be offered to another student.
  3. If a student accepts the offer, ze has two days to pick up the keys and complete the move. 
  4. Keys to the previous assignment have to be returned within 48 hours to the Office of Residential Life.  Card access to the previous assignment will also end 48 hours after the offer is accepted.  Failure to return the old keys within the 2 business days may result in a lock change charge for the student.
  5. The old room should be left in a clean condition and a Room Condition Report form for the new room needs to be completed within 5 days of the move.

Please note that priority will be given to students who are seeking room changes in emergency situations, temporary housing assignments, or requesting a change for medical or other special accommodations.

Please email if you have any questions or concerns.