Program Planning

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Residential Life Learning Outcomes

Critical Thinking and Academic Excellence

Students who are successful in this area will be able to:

  • Listen to and consider other points of view
  • Use problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • Use personal values to guide decisions
  • Identify, analyze, and assess information in a comprehensive manner
  • Establish meaningful connections among gathered data and form conclusions
  • Articulate needs and utilize appropriate resources
  • Exercise creativity in producing solutions

Self-Empowerment and Life Skills

Students who are successful in this area will be able to:

  • Handle interpersonal conflict constructively
  • Exhibit self-reliant behavior
  • Demonstrate assertive behavior
  • Portray self realistically and demonstrate responsibility; be accountable and accept consequences for choices and mistakes
  • Comply with policies and regulations
  • Seek out mentors and know when to rely on others
  • Exhibit maturity in relating to others
  • Display humility
  • Handle disappointment and understand that things don’t always work out as desired
  • Learn from past experiences
  • Know personal limits
  • Manage stress and use coping skills
  • Recognize mental health and/or substance abuse concerns and access resources
  • Choose behaviors and environments that promote health and wellness and reduce risk with particular attention to alcohol and drugs
  • Develop healthy life practices and choices around recreation, exercise, nutrition, sleep, sexual activity, and personal hygiene
  • Manage time effectively
  • Establish long-term goals
  • Achieve balance between education, work, and leisure time

Effective Citizenship

Students who are successful in this area will be able to:

  • Establish and maintain mutually rewarding relationships
  • Demonstrate courtesy and appreciate what others do for them
  • Respect self and others
  • Behave according to personal ethical and moral values
  • Show concern for others
  • Respect authority
  • Compromise
  • Challenge appropriately
  • Respectfully disagree
  • Play fair
  • Put others before self
  • Understand role within communities and participate in community governance
  • Approach neighbors with concerns
  • Show respect for property
  • Support sustainable living practices (recycling/composting/minimal waste efforts) and maintain a clean living environment
  • Explore local, national, and global political issues
  • Participate in service and volunteer opportunities
  • Engage in constructive action

Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice

Students who are successful in this area will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of privilege
  • Develop intercultural competence
  • Understand the meaning of diversity as it relates to race, color, gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, ability, marital status, or veteran status
  • Appreciate new ideas, cultural, and lifestyle differences
  • Articulate the advantages and challenges of a multicultural society
  • Seek involvement with people different from oneself
  • Challenge the use of stereotypes and the unfair or uncivil behaviors of others

Effective Communication

Students who are successful in this area will be able to:

  • Exhibit effective listening skills
  • Write and speak effectively with attention to introducing self, tone, tact, coherence, appropriate language and public speaking skills
  • Write and speak after reflecting
  • Articulate personal and educational goals and objectives
  • Be honest
  • Explain rationale for personal behavior
  • Engage with faculty and staff