Learn about laundry!

Gather your clothes

  • Empty pockets
  • Zip zippers
  • Button buttons


  • Color (Whites / Darks)
  • Fabric Type (Delicates)

Choose Detergent

  • Bleach (White clothing only)
  • Non-chlorine bleach (Colors)

Pay attention to the symbols

You could increase the lifespan of your favorite sweater!

Tips ‘n’ Tricks

  • Save your soap! Use only two tablespoons of HE (High Efficiency) detergent
  • Use the cold water setting to save energy and help the environment
  • Clean the dryer lint filter before and after each load
  • Be kind to your fellow students – remove your clothes promptly so others can use the machines

Washing Instructions

  • #1 Problem with Washers is Too Much Detergent Causing Over-Sudsing!
  • Use only 2 tbsp. of detergent
  • Load with 5” of space on top
  • Select cycle
  • Cold water cleans effectively
    and saves energy
  • The door will lock after payment until the end of the cycle.  Never attempt to force it open.

Using pods?

  • One pod per wash load is all you need.
  • Place the pod inside the wash tub before adding your clothes.
  • Do not place pods in the soap tray.

Washer Settings

Settings Temperature
Whites Hot
Colors Warm
Paerm-Press Warm
Delicates Warm
Bright Colors Cold
Woolens Cold

Common Laundry Room Mistakes

Too Much Soap

  • Going Green means using LESS
  • There should be no white in the
    wash window!

Over / Under-loading the Machines

  • Don’t pack the washers or dryers; leave
    room for the water and proper drying.
  • Don’t wash just one pair of pants.

Not Emptying your Pockets

  • Your forgotten items could damage
    your clothing and clog the pump.

Energy-Saving Dryers

  • Easy controls
  • One-load capacity
  • Restart capability
    if door opens

Drying Instructions

  • Clean lint screen for maximum air flow
  • 1 washer load = 1 dryer load
  • Check clothing tags for drying instructions
  • Select desired temperature setting
  • Do not dry wool, rubber, or plastic
  • Be careful, the hot setting may cause shrinkage
  • Dryer will stop each time the door is opened during the cycle
  • Clothing needs to be able to move freely to dry efficiently