Wood Frame Houses

Wesleyan University offers over 150 house units on campus for upper-class students which range in size from one to six person units.  All houses include a kitchen and single bedrooms.  Please note that wood frame houses include a bed, dresser, desk, bookcase and chair for each bedroom. For information on the bed types in a particular house, please use the links provided below.  Common area furniture includes: couch, chair, coffee table and end table.  The kitchen includes a table and four chairs.  Each student room contains high speed internet access port.

It is critical for all students to realize that living in a wood-frame house is a privilege that comes with significant responsibility.  Students living in these houses become part of a Middletown neighborhood, and must be sensitive to all of the student and non-student residents living in these neighborhoods.

All Wesleyan-owned student houses on Home Avenue, Lawn Avenue, Knowles Avenue and Brainerd Avenue will be designated as quiet houses.  The “quiet house zone” was created in response to concerns expressed by non-student neighbors living in the area and after consultation with the Undergraduate Residential Life Committee (URLC).

Students who choose designated quiet houses during the room selection process agree not to host parties or social events unless they are small and the noise from such events can easily be contained within the house.  Further, students agree to not participate in activities that might negatively impact their neighbors, and understand that they will be held responsible for disruptive noise or activities caused by them or their guests.  (Quiet Houses are designated with an "*" in the list below.)

Please note, that not all housing listed on the Residential Life website will be available in the 2017-18 Housing Selection webpages.  

Apartment & Wood Frame Capacity Information

2 Person Houses
3 Person Houses
6 Person Houses
4 Person Houses 5 Person Houses

2 Person Houses

57B Brainerd Ave* (Not available during room selection)
162A Church Street
162B Church Street
125 Cross Street
 6 Fountain Avenue
69A Fountain Avenue
69B Fountain Avenue 
124B High Street
136 High Street (Not available during room selection)
146A High Street
146C High Street
81A Home Avenue*
81B Home Avenue* (Not available during room selection)
102 Knowles Avenue*
 118 Knowles Avenue* (Not available during room selection)
122A Knowles Avenue* (Not available during room selection)
122B Knowles Avenue* (Not available during room selection)
55A Lawn Avenue* (Not available during room selection)
55B Lawn Avenue*
203A Pine Street
203B Pine Street 
207A Pine Street
207B Pine Street 
211A Pine Street
211B Pine Street 
215A Pine Street
215B Pine Street
223 Pine Street
261A Pine Street  
19 Vine Street
255B Williams Street*































3 Person Houses

148C Church
148D Church
115A Cross Street
267B Court
267C Court
127 Cross Street
170 Cross Street
10A Fountain Avenue
10B Fountain Avenue 
63 Fountain Avenue
9 Huber* (Not available during room selection)
136A High Street
126A Knowles Avenue*
126B Knowles Avenue*
73A Lawn Avenue*
73B Lawn Avenue* 
86A Lawn Avenue*
86B Lawn Avenue* 
96A Lawn Avenue*
96B Lawn Avenue* 
239C Pine Street
251A Pine Street
251B Pine Street 
261B Pine Street
21 Vine Street
23A Vine Street
23B Vine Street 
2 Warren Street
255A Williams Street*
259B Williams Street*





























4 Person Houses

18 Brainerd Avenue*
20 Brainerd Avenue*
32 Brainerd Avenue*
38 Brainerd Avenue*
40 Brainerd Avenue*
128A Church Street
128B Church Street
148A Church Street
162C Church Street
267A Court Street
105 Cross Street
107 Cross Street
109 Cross Street
113 Cross Street
131 Cross Street
168 Cross Street
190 Cross Street
202 Cross Street
220 Cross Street
224 Cross Street
2 Fountain Avenue
7 Fountain Avenue
14 Fountain Avenue
15 Fountain Avenue
24 Fountain Avenue
29 Fountain Avenue
34 Fountain Avenue
35 Fountain Avenue
40 Fountain Avenue
41 Fountain Avenue
42 Fountain Avenue
43 Fountain Avenue
46 Fountain Avenue
51 Fountain Avenue
57 Fountain Avenue
58 Fountain Avenue
146B High Street
43A Home Avenue*
43B Home Avenue*
49 Home Avenue*
52 Home Avenue*
55 Home Avenue*
59A Home Avenue*
59B Home Avenue*
63A Home Avenue*
63B Home Avenue* 
85 Home Avenue*
22 Lawn Avenue*
82 Lawn Avenue* 
97 Lawn Avenue*
42 Miles Avenue
235 Pine Street
265 Pine Street
266 Pine Street
269 Pine Street 
273 Pine Street 
277 Pine Street 
9 Vine Street
4 Warren Street
14A Warren Street

























































5 Person Houses

27 Brainerd Avenue*
39 Brainerd Avenue*
47 Brainerd Avenue*
264 B Court Street
115 Cross Street
142 Cross Street
182 Cross Street
19A Fountain Avenue
19B Fountain Avenue
19C Fountain Avenue
20A Fountain Avenue
20B Fountain Avenue
20C Fountain Avenue
25A Fountain Avenue
25B Fountain Avenue
30 Fountain Avenue
72 High Street
124A High Street
37 Home Avenue*
48 Home Avenue*
53A Home Avenue*
54 Home Avenue*
72A Home Avenue*
72B Home Avenue*
73 Home Avenue*
77 Home Avenue*
84 Home Avenue*
134 Knowles Ave*
76 Lawn Avenue*
80 Lawn Avenue*
29 Miles Avenue
231B Pine Street
231C Pine Street
239A Pine Street
7 Vine Street
11 Vine Street
6 Warren Street
8 Warren Street
14B Warren Street
14C Warren Street
259A Williams Street*










































6 Person Houses

49 Brainerd Avenue*
200 College Street
146 Cross Street
56 Fountain Avenue
64 Fountain Avenue
35 Home Avenue*
44 Home Avenue*
60 Home Avenue*
66 Home Avenue*
88 Home Avenue*
71 Lawn Avenue*
59 Pearl Street
63 Pearl Street 
260 Pine Street
5 Vine Street
12 Warren Street


















*Quiet House