SACE Programming Fund


To provide funding to student organizations or groups to promote part of the mission and vision of the SACE Office through an event, workshop, or other gathering. Limited funds are available each semester. Therefore, students and organizations are encouraged to apply early as we will not be able to accept applications once funds are depleted.

SACE Mission & Vision

The Office of Survivor Advocacy and Community Education (SACE) is dedicated to empowering survivors, and those connected to survivors, of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and other forms of interpersonal violence through survivor-centered, trauma-informed advocacy services, healing workshops and retreats, trainings, and education programs within the Wesleyan University community.

This mission is in service of a larger vision to empower survivors of sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and other forms of interpersonal violence and educate the greater Wesleyan University community about these acts of violence and responding to them in a trauma-informed way.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The proposed program must be educational, not social. Programs must have an educational component, rather than solely a social gathering.
  • The proposed program must address an issue in connection to the SACE Office’s mission and vision. Whether it is raising awareness around interpersonal violence, bringing a speaker to campus who is an expert on these topics, or facilitating a workshop surrounding healthy relationships/consent, or other related subject, the program must have a specific focus in connection to SACE’s mission.
  • The proposed program must be accessible to anyone in the Wesleyan Community. In addition to its being an educational opportunity, the program must be an event accessible to the full Wesleyan community, rather than a specific program house or exclusive campus organization.
  • Your proposal must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the program/event date. This is to ensure there is ample time to review applications and subsequently notify applicants.

If your program meets this eligibility criteria, please submit your proposal through this link: SACE Programming Fund Proposal.

If you have any questions, please contact Johanna DeBari SACE Director at or 860-685-2696.

Additional Considerations

  • Seek out additional funding resources. Each applicant may receive a maximum of $100 per event/program. If you are in need of more funding, consider connecting with the WSA, Student Activities and Leadership Development, or other campus organizations to explore additional funding sources. Monies will not be approved for multiple events with the same focus, unless there is distinct, demonstrable adjustment in the curricula or other content.
  • Collaborate with other campus organizations. You may be surprised in realizing how similar your goals and hopes are for your respective events in doing outreach to other campus groups. There is strength in community, and combining resources can help make events easier to publicize, reach a wider audience, and increase your opportunities for implementing ideas

Proposal Review and Notification

Proposals will be reviewed by the SACE Director upon receipt. Applicants will be notified within 2 weeks of receiving the application as to the decision. All applicants listed on initial proposal form will receive an e-mail notifying whether or not your proposal has been accepted or denied.

Approved Funds

If your proposal is approved, you will receive instructions about how the funds will be dispersed to your organization. If you have any questions, please contact Johanna DeBari SACE Director at or 860-685-2696


If your program is canceled or you expect that you won’t be in need of the funds you have been approved for, please contact Johanna DeBari SACE Director at or 860-685-2696. The funds can then be released to sponsor other programs.

Questions: Contact Johanna DeBari, SACE Director at or 860-685-2696.