Queer Community Intern Job Description

The Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development is seeking a responsible, resourceful, energetic, politically active, and dedicated student with an interest in and knowledge of queer politics to work on initiatives to enhance the campus environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning students.

The intern will provide peer assistance and support to Wesleyan’s various affinity groups and organizations, particularly LGBTQQ organizations. The intern will maintain the Queer Resource Center at 190 High Street.  The intern will not create or regulate groups nor make decisions for any groups, but will lend support when assistance is requested or needed. In particular, the intern will lend logistical assistance to student organizations, advise and encourage them in the use of campus resources. In some cases the intern will simply assist in event promotion, while in other cases the intern may actively participate in the group’s program development and program initiative.

The QRC Intern will be responsible for maintaining communication with the various LGBTQQ... organizations and groups on campus, as well as with LGBTQQ... allies among alumni, faculty, and administration.  The intern will also be responsible for communicating with other multicultural groups particularly student of color organizations, and will be accessible as a resource to all communities. The intern should have an interest in multi-political organizing--recognizing the complex interconnections among issues of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, class, ableism, etc., aiming to build bridges between the various multicultural communities on campus.


  • Meet regularly with the Associate Director of Student Activities & Leadership Development to discuss programming and student group issues.
  • Regularly attend enough meetings of the various LGBTQQ organizations and groups on campus to ensure a clear understanding of the issues confronting each of the groups and the larger “community,” as well as the present and future plans of the groups. Maintain regular communication with group contacts. If it is inappropriate or awkward to attend a particular group’s meeting, communicate with various group contacts outside of meeting time.
  • The intern will oversee and maintain the Queer Resource Center.
  • Work closely and meet regularly with the other SALD Interns to update and coordinate events.
  • Maintain active involvement with the Queer Community Meetings and support circles (collaboration with CAPS).
  • Attend a variety of student activity meetings other than the LGBTQQ... organizations as appropriate (to ensure a knowledge of the organizations and resources in existence on campus).
  • Aid student organizations in various capacities, for example assisting with event development and publicity.
  • Work toward coalition-building, greater communication, and multi-political organizing with the various multicultural “communities” on campus.
  • Work toward better sustainability of student groups, encouraging documentation of group activities and preservation of group programming.


  • Sophomore, junior or senior
  • Excellent communication skills both oral and written
  • Ability to work effectively with diverse student, faculty and staff populations
  • Strong organizational abilities and time management skills
  • Capacity for discretion and confidentiality when working with students and administrators
  • Ability to be creative and innovative
  • Demonstrated leadership skills, self-motivation, and maturity
  • Knowledge and experience with current administrative software: (ie:  MS Word, Excel, Internet browsers, etc)
  • Ability to work independently and to work flexible hours (10 hours per week)
  • Must be able to make a full year commitment: Availability to serve as an intern for the entire 201calendar year (January to December,

Professional Development:
This internship offers competitive wages, a flexible schedule with professional expectations, an exciting opportunity for leadership development, and the chance to create progressive change within the Wesleyan community. The Intern reports to the Assistant Director of Student Activities & Leadership Devleopment.

For more information, contact Shelissa Newball, Associate Director of Student Activities & Leadership Development.

 APPLICATIONS are currently being accepted.

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