In the Spring of 2007, the Usdan University Center, and the Usdan Center Activities Board (UCAB) was created. Building upon the success and mission of the Campus Center Activities Board (CCAB), UCAB was designed to encourage evening and weekend use of the Usdan University Center (UUC) and provide additional alternative social and community building activities for Wesleyan Students. UCAB still brings the student body activities every week with across campus programming beginning Fall 2015, permanently transitioning the Usdan Center Activities Board to the University Campus Activities Board. 

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development is looking for students who are not only excited and passionate about the opportunities the University Campus Activities Board provides for the Wesleyan community, but also about program planning, teamwork, and leadership development. Applicants should be creative, organized, motivated, dependable and enthusiastic. Due to the nature of the position, applicants should also be willing to work in a flexible environment where changes and adjustments in the position, the work, and/or the structure of the Board may occur throughout the year.

UCAB will provide a unique leadership experience to members working to coordinate programs for their fellow students. It will be an excellent way to get to know students and staff, build leadership skills, and have fun in the process!

Position Summary and Expectations

UCAB members will be responsible for creating, publicizing, organizing, implementing and staffing programs and events on campus.  The board will plan events throughout the semester:

  • Friday night events primarily in Usdan University Center
  • Special weekly Saturday events on campus and off-campus trips

Possible event ideas include but are not limited to: coffee houses, open-mics, dances, film, poetry slam, tournaments, and/or other ideas generated by Board Members.

In addition to working events, each UCAB member will be required to hold 2 office/advertising hours a week. During this time, each member will have the opportunity to:

  • Plan and captain at least two events per semester.
  • Creatively brainstorm ways to advertise UCAB events to the Wesleyan campus.
  • Research event ideas.
  • Contact vendors to receive price quotes and work with a budget to propose events to the larger group.

The board will be comprised of five to six members and will meet weekly with an advisor. The full board will be divided into two committees that will rotate responsibility for the weekly events. Each event planned will have a Captain who will be responsible for finalizing event details, deciding how to promote the event, delegating tasks, checking in, staffing the event itself and connecting with necessary staff during the event.

Usdan Center Activities Board (UCAB):