Digital Learning Resources

Our top priority is to ensure resources and services are available in order to support students, regardless of instruction mode, and whether on or off campus. Services will be adjusted as necessary in compliance with university guidelines and changing conditions.

Dean Patey and Crystal Rose Hill are available for phone and online meetings with students who need support. We are happy to assist students in developing academic skills or connecting with other available resources. Students who believe that they would benefit from academic support, but are not sure where to turn, can email us to schedule a meeting, consult with an academic peer advisor, or visit the FIND A RESOURCE page for a list of recommended resources by topic.


Effective Learning in a Digital Environment - Student Academic Resources Webinar

link to webinar

Student Academic Resources understands that digital learning environments can be challenging, and increased screen time can be exhausting, but there are strategies that can help! Laura Patey, Dean for Academic Advancement, and Crystal Rose Hill, Accessibility Specialist, reviewed strategies, tools, and resources students can use for learning effectively in a digital environment.

There are many resources available to you as we continue courses through distance learning: