Summer Research

Research Fellowships for Wesleyan Undergraduates

We are pleased to announce the 2020 summer program for Research in the Sciences.  The program will run from May 27 to July 30, 2020 and is open to Frosh, Sophomores and Juniors currently enrolled at Wesleyan University. 

Wesleyan science faculty members serve as mentors for student research in their laboratories. To complement the research experience, the summer program also includes weekly seminars and workshops, a symposium, various social events, and a closing Poster Session. (See Summer Program Menu on left.)

Students in groups under-represented in the sciences, including women, are especially encouraged to take advantage of this summer research opportunity.

Interested Wesleyan students should apply online here to the summer research program and should arrange for their research mentor (or mentors) to submit a letter of recommendation to The application should be completed in consultation with the faculty mentor. All applications are due on Friday, March 6 and awards should be announced by the end of March.

The 2020 Summer Fellowship stipend to cover housing, meal, internet and communication expenses is $4,400 per student.

It is expected that all summer students will work full time on their research and will not take on additional part-time employment during the summer program.

College of Integrative Sciences Fellows

The College of Integrative Sciences (CIS) supports student research that emphasizes interdisciplinary and integrative approaches.  Often, these research projects are driven by collaborative studies in emerging research areas that involve multiple scientific disciplines. The core goal of the CIS is to equip students with the creative and quantitative interdisciplinary skills to develop solutions for current global challenges.

Ideally, CIS fellows are jointly mentored by two faculty in complementing fields – for example, biology and physics.  Dual mentoring is not a requirement, but research much be interdisciplinary.  CIS fellowships encourage faculty and students to explore ways in which their research can benefit from combinations of fields.

Interested students should have participated in at least one "Research Frontiers" Course, be a declared NSM major, and must apply to the college. The CIS admissions committee selects students after an interview. Students must have a demonstrated interest in interdisciplinary research. Visit the CIS website for more detailed information.