• Anthony Ryan Hatch

    Anthony Ryan Hatch

    Anthony Ryan Hatch, Ph.D., is a sociologist and associate professor and chair of the Science in Society Program at Wesleyan University, where he is affiliated faculty in African American Studies, Environmental Studies, and Sociology. Professor Hatch’s work draws on critical social theories and science and technology studies to examine health systems, medical technology, and social inequalities. He is the author of two books: Blood Sugar: Racial Pharmacology and Food Justice in Black America and Silent Cells: The Secret Drugging of Captive America. He is the 2021-22 Robin M. Williams Distinguished Lecturer for the Eastern Sociological Society.
  • Megan Glick

    Megan H. Glick, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of American Studies, Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Science in Society. Her research addresses representations of difference along lines of race, gender, disability, and speciation, from both cultural and scientific perspectives. Her first book, Infrahumanisms: Science, Culture, and the Making of Modern Non/personhood (Duke University Press, 2018), explores cultural and biological understandings of liminal humanity across myriad sites, including pediatrics, eugenics/genetics, astrobiology, zoonotic disease surveillance, and xenotransplantation. At Wesleyan, she teaches courses that span cultural studies, biopolitics, and the medical humanities.