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If you would like to apply to be a member of the Community Standards Board, please review the information below.  Any questions can be directed to kbutler@wesleyan.edu , Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Community Standards. 

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CSB Process Advisors

When charges are filed against a student, there are several possible options for deposing of the case. For some students, the entire process of appearing before the Community Standards Board (CSB) can be upsetting and somewhat confusing.  

Any student who is participating in the hearing process has the option to request the assistance of a process advisor. The participating student can choose their own advisor which can be any current member of the Wesleyan Community (student, staff or faculty).  At the hearing, the participating student and the process advisor will be asked to sign a Waiver of Access Form which gives the authorization for the advisor to have access to case material. Process advisors will not function as "legal counsel" for the student but will serve as informational resources as the student navigates the system.  However, they may ask for a clarification of the process/procedures if necessary and/or advise the respondent(s) to request a recess or break in the proceedings.


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