Resource Center


The Resource Center, a culmination of student advocacy and activism, provides a centralized space where students can learn about and advocate for diversity and inclusion at Wesleyan as well as in their own lives.  The Center was created to improve the educational experience of students from underrepresented groups, lessen violence, promote greater campus harmony, foster better mental health, and cultivate closer ties between alumnae/i at Wesleyan.  


The Center will help to meet the basic needs of students who are most vulnerable, maintain awareness of matters related to intolerance and inaccessibility, and work collectively with faculty, staff, and students to address the causes of injustice and inequity

on campus. The Center will engage and support students, faculty, and staff who are interested in social justice programming, advocacy, and education, serving as a resource and providing a safe environment for underrepresented students and allies to discuss, learn, organize, and lead. Activities proposed by community members and approved by community leadership will receive administrative support.


The Center will support the Wesleyan community through a variety of programming:


  • Convening workshops where students, staff, and faculty can discuss how social phenomena and themes (e.g., transphobia, racialized police brutality, or microaggressions) manifest at Wesleyan;
  • Brainstorming what progress looks like in the context of our community;
  • Bringing innovative and illuminating speakers on campus;
  • Providing students with resources to engage in meaningful identity-driven work and to translate that work across and beyond campus and to their lives after Wesleyan; and
  • Forging synergies across diverse groups on campus to make the work of individual student organizations, departments, and initiatives more intersectional.


If you would like to collaborate with or receive more information about the Resource Center, please contact Demetrius Colvin at 860.685.3979 or