Dear Wesleyan Students: 

It is my pleasure to welcome you to Wesleyan.  For those of you new to campus, you will soon realize why Wesleyan is such a special place.  For some of you, the most notable aspect of life here will be the academic rigor and the opportunity to be among so many bright people. For others, it will be the vibrant campus life and co-curricular activities such as a capella, ultimate frisbee, directing a play, or leading a group of students who tutor at a nearby elementary school. For some, it will be the opportunity to develop and test your leadership skills with an organization that is 100 years old or a new group that you help form this year.

Whatever it is that ignites your passion, you will see that we are all part of a community that is Wesleyan, in which students play an important role in dreaming big, informing important decisions, and setting and upholding community standards.  While a small number of students play a central role in the peer adjudication of the Student Judicial Board and the Honor Board, we all play a role in ensuring that our community is built upon trust and mutual respect.

Each of you will experience some newfound freedoms, but those freedoms must be balanced with responsibility to each other and to the surrounding community.   As you discover your favorite part of life at Wesleyan, I encourage you to set lofty goals, find ways to connect to the community and enjoy yourselves along the way.

Best of luck for the year ahead!

Rick Culliton
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Students