Financial Forms

Most forms and items that need to be completed can be found in WesNest. If you have questions about which form to use or how to fill one out, please feel free to email us at

OSI Financial Forms Located on WesNest

  • Club Contribution Form - used to contribute funds to departments or groups
  • Contract Request Form – used to invite independent contractors to campus
  • Deposit Form – used to placed or keep money in a student group income smartkey
  • FRF for Wesleyan Students and Employees - used to request reimbursement or payment
  • FRF for Non-employee and Outside Contractors - used to request reimbursement or payment

Other Important Forms Located on WesNest

NOTE: There are two majors forms that are not located on the WesNest home page under Forms. The Create Budget Request form and the Club Registration and Re-registration forms. These forms are only available during certain time periods during the academic year and housed on your individual student organization WesNest page.

Video - How to Complete a Financial Request Form (FRF)

For more information on how to complete a Financial Request Form (FRF) please also refer to the "FRF Cheat Sheet."