Please be advised that all student organizations that utilize funds allocated from the Student Activities Fee that are disbursed by the WSA Student Budget Committee are required to review the Financial Manager Training PowerPoint and pass the quiz before they can request budget for their organization. The presentation and quiz are housed on Moodle. Also, there will be a Q&A Financial Manager Training Meeting that will be hosted by the OSI Fiscal Management Coordinator and the WSA SBC Chair in the beginning of the fall semester. All financial managers and club or group members are encouraged to attend.

In addition, if your student organization is hosting an event which will involve inviting a guest or independent contractor such as a lecturer, artist, or performer, you must also review the Contract Request Training PowerPoint and pass the quiz.  The presentation and quiz are housed on Moodle. Furthermore, you must review the Contract Request Policy housed on the Office of Student Affairs website.  All Q&A sessions are offered in the beginning of each term.  Only those Financial Managers who take and pass the quiz can apply for funding for the Summer and Fall budget periods

Purpose for Training Sessions

Financial Manager and Contract Request trainings are valuable workshops which will aid all student group leaders responsible for the financial management of their organizations. Also, they will aid organization leaders who oversee the contract process for independent contractors. We offer financial training sessions or Q&As at the beginning of each semester. All student Financial Managers are encouraged to attend these training sessions every year to learn about any updates to the process. Group administrators will be notified about future meeting dates via WesNest, campus email and/or social media.