Summer Program

2012 Summer Session Design Competition

Wesleyan Summer Session wants you to design this year's t-shirt. The 2012 t-shirt will be given to all Summer Session 2012 students, plus an extra bunch will be used solely for marketing purposes. So you might just see a total stranger walking down the street in your awesome design. In addition to the gratification of seeing your design on hundreds of t-shirts, you could also win a $25 gift certificate to your choice of Middletown business (restrictions apply). And we'll give you a few t-shirts all your own, so that you can market yourself. Entries will be anonymous to the panel of student and staff judges.

Not interested in entering, but interested in judging? Email us at and let us know!



1) Submissions received after 5 PM on February 27, 2012 will not be considered.

2) Entries will be screen-printed. Therefore:

a) Designs may only use a solid color background

b) T-Shirt color must be chosen from the following link:

c) Ink colors may be whatever you like, but you should be able to provide a pms color number if you want the colors in your design to be accurately represented.  

3) Your design may include ink in up to 5 locations, or up to 8 colors of ink, following this rubric:

1 color ink: NO MORE THAN 5 locations
2 colors ink: NO MORE THAN 3 locations
3 colors ink: NO MORE THAN 2 locations
4 colors ink: NO MORE THAN 1 location
5 colors ink: NO MORE THAN 1 location
6 colors ink: NO MORE THAN 1 location
7 colors ink: NO MORE THAN 1 location
8 colors ink: NO MORE THAN 1 location

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? You can design 5 different images and put them in 5 different places on the t-shirt (front, back, both arms, along the edge) if you use one color of ink. If you want to create a lusciously colorful design with 8 inks... it will go on the front. Or back. Your choice.

4) Entries should be submitted in PDF format to Email subject heading should be: “SUMMER SESSION DESIGN”. Email body should include entrant name and submission name, if the design has a title.

5) The winner must have high-resolution files available in EPS vector or TIFF format.

6) Final Design winner will be announced on March 2.