Wesleyan PreCollege Study  

Residential Scholars

Wesleyan University offers a special 5-week college immersion opportunity for a select group of students during Summer Session II (June 30-August 2). Wesleyan PreCollege Residential Scholars take an intensive writing course and an elective course in their area of interest. Beyond the classroom, students can participate in Social Justice Leadership training and benefit from faculty mentorship. You can learn more about this opportunity by visiting our Residential Scholars page. 

Local Students

Students who live locally can take a course or two during Summer Session I and Summer Session II. Courses meet daily and the homework expectation is high, so it is essential that students are able to attend all class meetings. Visit our Local Students page to learn more about PreCollege Study for commuters.


The Center for Creative Youth (CCY), a 4-week pre-college residential program in the arts for students ages 14-18.

FOCUS on Music, Theater, Visual Arts, Musical Theater, or Creative Writing
EXPLORE new art forms in master class workshops with visiting artists
CONNECT to a community of young artists from across the U.S. and abroad
CHALLENGE yourself to discover your artistic voice

For more information, visit wesleyan.edu/ccy.


Email precollege@wesleyan.edu if you have any questions.