PC Power Management Initiative

In late 2010, ITS began working with Verdiem, a PC power management company, to address campus PC energy usage.  During March 2012, ITS completed an analysis of project results and the findings were very positive.  For the entire set of 592 PCs, we saw a savings of 36.7%, amounting to $12,294 in annual savings. The biggest savings were realized in classroom computers, where we saved 63.6% over baseline on 117 PCs, amounting to $4,204 in annual savings.

Data was collected on a sample set of 592 PCs. The average PC power draw is 70 watt(s) when on, 5 watt(s) when in suspend mode, and 1 watt(s) when off.  The average monitor power draw is 40 watt(s) when on, 2 watt(s) when sleeping, and 0 watt(s) when off. Power savings projections to all PCs were based on 578 PCs managed by SURVEYOR. For each kWh of power used, 0.828 pounds of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere.