Biking and Parking Safely in Middletown

If you're thinking about biking on campus or elsewhere in Middletown, make sure to understand the rules of the road, ways to stay safe, and where to park.

  • Riding
    • Riders should wear a helmet at all times while riding a bicycle.  Public Safety sells helmets for $20 apiece. 
    • Follow all Connecticut state laws regarding bicycling.
    • Ride on the right, moving with traffic.
    • Obey traffic signals and signs, using hand signals to indicate turns and stops.
    Image of hand signals for left turn, right turn, stop, and slow down 
    • Bikes going straight may ride in the left edge of a right turn lane.
    • When making a turn, you can operate like a vehicle, or like a pedestrian, making use of crosswalks and pedestrian lights.
    • Riders are prohibited from riding bicycles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 
    • Only one person at a time is allowed on a bicycle. 
    • Bicycles are prohibited on Middletown Main Street sidewalks per Section 262-43 of City ordinances. 
    • Bikes are discouraged from riding on City sidewalks elsewhere, but if you need to ride on a sidewalk for safety, you must yield to pedestrians.
  • Parking

    The Wesleyan campus map shows bike parking locations on Wesleyan's campus and in downtown Middletown (note: Middletown locations are in progress).  Bikes must be parked at a bike rack and may never block sidewalks, roads, ramps, porches, parking lots, or building doors.  Always lock your personal bike (U-locks recommended and available to purchase for $20 at the Public Safety Office).

    If you see a location in need of a bike rack, please contact Sustainability Director Jen Kleindienst at  

    For more information, visit the Public Safety bicycle safety page