WesThrift @ 284 High

WesThrift @ 284 High is Wesleyan's new student-run free thrift store located in the basement of the College of the Environment (284 High St). The store offers clothing and dorm essentials to all students, faculty, and staff free of charge.

Eco Facilitators Debbra Goh '24 and Annie Volker '24 created this free store to allow the Wesleyan community to responsibly consume and dispose of clothing and dorm essentials, while offering essential items to students who may face monetary or transportation barriers to obtaining these products elsewhere. It follows the "give what you can, take what you need" principle.

While a central aim of the store is to create a supportive space free from stigma to support FGLI and other students who are in need of free clothing and dorm essentials, ultimately, this space welcomes all.

  • How does it work?

    WesThrift @ 284 High is a student-run free thrift store for the Wesleyan community. We ask that all who donate and shop at the store maintain high cleanliness standards. Please wash all clothing donations before dropping them off, and wash all clothing acquired from the store before wearing.

    The store operates as any other store. You browse the items, choose what you'd like, and bring it to the "cashier." All items are FREE, so there is no exchange of money, but you will be rung up by a "cashier." We have a limited number of reusable bags, so we highly recommend you bring your own.

    All items at the store have been donated by members of the Wesleyan community. If you'd like to donate, please follow the guidelines below.

    Please enter through the back door of the College of the Environment, which will be open during the store's open hours.

  • When is the store open?

    WesThrift is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12-1:30 PM.

    Please enter through the back door of the College of the Environment (note: there are several steps to enter). The door will be open when the store is open.

  • How do I make a donation?

    We love donations, but please make sure to follow the below guidelines. You can drop your donations at WesThrift when the store is open or in the donation bin in the backyard of the College of the Environment. 

    We accept

    • Clothing - must be clean and gently used; please no undergarments or socks
    • Shoes
    • Accessories
    • Dorm essentials - school supplies, other small dorm room items

    We do NOT accept

    • Food
      • Please bring non-perishable, shelf-stable food donations to the Resource Center.
    • Furniture or appliances such as microwaves and mini-fridges
      • Please hold onto these items and donate them to Waste Not at the end of the Spring semester or give them away via Freecycle.
    • Socks or undergarments
      • Please donate these items in a clothing donation bin located in the Butterfields B parking lot or one of the many bins in Middletown.
  • Who runs the store?
    WesThrift @ 284 High is operated by the Eco Facilitators through the Wesleyan Sustainability Office. Please contact sustainability@wesleyan.edu with any questions.