Green Minutes




  • Earth Month By Dawn Alger (Theater)
  • Green Office Certification By Megan Flagg (Academic Affairs)
  • Saving Energy at the End of the Year By Dawn Alger (Theater)
  • Reuse, Recycle, Recap! By Anika Dane (MB&B)


  • Energy Commitment By Anika Dane (MB&B)
  • Freecycle! By Dawn Alger (Theater)
  • Tips for staying warm while conserving energy in Winter. By Anika Dane (MB&B)
  • A brief overview of changes (e.g., solar installation at Athletics, solar farm at Long Lane, natural gas co-gen system, lighting, etc.), that Wesleyan has implemented in order to save energy and costs over the last ten years. By Mark Chadsey (Physical Plant)


  • Not only do plants liven up our working space, they provide: increased oxygen which is energizing, calming and soothing; improved heart health and rapid recovery from headaches and migraines. By Blanche Meslin (Biology)
  • Use unsolicited faxes and other junk mail as scrap paper to print unofficial notices (such as the AA Support Staff Agenda) By Liz Tinker (English)
  • Rolling out the Tiny Trash Can Initiative By Dawn Alger (Theater)
  • Sign up for Freecycle By Ros Carrier-Brault (Chemistry)
  • Test your eco-awareness with this Quiz!  By Anita Deeg-Carlin (Physics)
  • Great ways to reduce paper in your office or department.  By Liz Tinker (English)
  • Earth Month events at Wesleyan, including the movie Bag It.  See trailer here.  By Valerie Marinelli (College of the Environment)
  • Reducing waste!  By Anika Dane (Molecular Biology & Biochemistry)
  • Report of Green Team Accomplishments during our first year.

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