Green Team

Clockwise from left: Nicole, Dawn, Liz, Cathy, and Anika

Wesleyan's Green Team is researching, communicating, and implementing effective strategies that increase sustainability within our departments and the university. We are currently focusing on four broad goals:  

  1. Our offices make sustainable purchases
  2. We reduce energy waste in our departments
  3. We are shifting the culture in our areas/departments to be sustainable
  4. Our departments manage waste sustainably

Please see our Green Tips page for great ideas on how to make your office more sustainable and to see what we've been sharing with the other academic Administrative Assistants at our monthly meetings.  Also check out the Green Office Certification program to get your office recognized for its efforts!

Would you like to hear more about what we do?  Join us!


Anika Dane, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry 

Dawn Alger, Theater