Eco Facilitators Program

Eco Facilitators are peer sustainability advocates who aim to inclusively promote and encourage environmental consciousness and social responsibility. Through dorm-based and larger campus projects, EFs work with students to cultivate sustainable living habits and engage with broader environmental and social issues.  Eco Facilitators:

  • Are a resource for students
  • Promote sustainability efforts such as waste reduction and energy conservation
  • Aim to take into account issues of unequal access to resources
  • Recognize that there are many different ways to live sustainably
  • Make connections with students, environmental groups, administration, and in Middletown
  • Strive to balance creating tangible changes on campus with cultivating an environmental awareness that students can carry with them beyond Wesleyan.

Working as an Eco Facilitator is a great opportunity to gain leadership skills, help build a sustainable campus culture, and increase accessibility to sustainable lifestyles. Each EF participates in a spring student forum and works in the dorms throughout the following full academic year. The spring student forum, Sustainable Behavior Change (ENVS 419), focuses on behavior change techniques and strategies, and how to implement effective dorm-based projects.  EFs learn about campus sustainability practices and resources, community-based social marketing, effective communication, and environmental psychology. In the following academic year, EFs continue their education and outreach implementing behavior change-focused sustainability projects that encourage behavioral shifts amongst the student body. 

To learn more about the program, read our information sheet and the EF job description.  Please email with any questions.

  • Eco Facilitators 2019-2020

    Coordinators: Emily Aoki '21 and Elizabeth Woolford '21

    200 Church/Writers' Block: Salma Hassan '22 and Chloe Johnson '22
    Bennet: Lilley Gallagher '22 and Sophie Mann-Shafir '22
    Butts A: Shirmai Chung '22 and Kayla Loubriel '22
    Butts B: Phoebe Landsman '21 and Jolie Villegas '22
    Butts C: Holly Greene '22 and Sammy Osmond '22
    Clark: Charlotte Babbin '22 and Steve Philipps '22
    Nics: Megan Levan '22 and Juan Medina '22
    WestCo: Katelin Penner '22 and Tanvi Punja '22

  • Eco Facilitators 2018-2019

    Coordinators: Kofi Ofori-Darko '20 and Meera Joshi '20

    200 Church: Reyna Schedler '21 and Elizabeth Woolford '21
    Bennet: Lizzie Edwards '21 and Julia Glassman '20
    Butts A: Jessica Gay '20 and Tenzin Ngodup '20
    Butts C: Emily Aoki '21 and Jack Jontz '21
    Clark: Lia Di Bitonto '21 and Jaclyn Lore-Edwards '21
    Nics: Matt Querdasi '21 and Maia Rubin '21
    WestCo: Kyron Roberts '21 and Fiona Skerrett '21

  • Meet the EF Alumni


    Coordinators: Belén Rodríguez '19, Kati Young '19 (Fall 2017), and Emma Porrazzo '19 (Spring 2018)

    200 Church: Alea Laidlaw '20 and Alex Olvera '20
    Bennet: Phie Towle '20 and Yuan Wang '20
    Butts A: Leo Miranda '20 and Hye Kyung Moon '20
    Butts C: , Emmy Hughes '20 and Noah Langat '20
    Clark: Carina Bolaños Lewen '20 and Tiler Wilson '20
    Nics: Lily Davis '20 and Ashley Morse '19
    WestCo: Meera Joshi '20 and Kofi Ofori-Darko '20


    Coordinators: Sara Wallace-Lee '18, Sage Loomis '18 (Spring 2017), Guilu Murphy '18 (Fall 2016), and Kelvin Cuesta '18 (Spring 2016)

    200 Church: Momi Afelin '19 and Daphne Gampel '19
    Bennet: Toby Meyer '19 and Tomás Rogel '19
    Butterfield A: Belén Rodríguez '19 and Kati Young '19
    Butterfield C: Nick Byers '19 and Michael Henderson '19
    Clark: Emma Porrazzo '19 and Sam Zuniga-Levy '19
    Nicholson: Aviv Rau '19 and Medha Swaminathan '19
    West College: Emma Rose Borzekowski '19


    Coordinators: Rachael Metz '16 and Mira Klein '17

    200 Church: Sara Wallace-Lee '18 and Derrick Holman '16
    Bennet: Sara Bennett '18, Andy Hirsh '18, and Irvine Peck's-Agaya '18
    Butterfield A: Kelvin Cuesta '18 and Sage Loomis '18
    Butterfield C: Emily Murphy '18 and Chidubem Okechi '18
    Clark: Paula Tartell '18 and Ann-Dorie Webley '18
    Nicholson: Laura Bither '18 and Olivia Won '18
    West College: Sarah Dobrow '18 and Juliet Gelfman-Randazzo '18


    Coordinators: Rebecca Sokol '15 and Rachael Metz '16

    200 Church: Rachel Sobelsohn '17 and Tavo True-Alcala '15
    Butterfield A: Mira Klein '17, Ruby Lang '17, and Matt Pelton '17
    Butterfield C: Cassia Patel '17 and Lucy Salwen '17
    Clark: Jenna Shapiro '17
    West College: Becca McCord '17 and Sasha Stahl '17