The Wesleyan Sustainability Office offers internships for students passionate about promoting sustainability on campus. For job descriptions, click on the internship position titles below.  Interns are generally hired in April for the fall semester and November for the spring semester and are expected to work at least one year for the Sustainability Office.

Want to know more? Meet current interns and past interns.

15 Eco Facilitators

  • Serve as sustainability peer advisors in first- and second-year dorms
  • Eco Facilitators are hired each fall to take a spring course and serve as dorm EFs for the subsequent academic year
  • These positions are not currently open.

Eco Facilitators Co-Coordinators

  • Co-manage the Eco Facilitators Program, preference is given to students who have served as Eco Facilitators
  • Coordinators are hired internally from past Eco Facilitators.

Student Sustainability Coordinators

  • Manage Waste Not, energy conservation, and other sustainability programs
  • The next opening will be in late January 2018.

Composting Interns

  • Manage the residential composting programs and food waste reduction programs
  • This position is not currently hiring.

Communication and Outreach Intern

  • Manage the website, develop and execute communications strategies and strategic planning
  • This position is not currently hiring.  

Temporary Positions for 2017-18

Sustainability Across the Curriculum Program Assistant

  • Provide program support and faculty assistance for the Sustainability Across the Curriculum program, which helps faculty to integrate sustainability into their courses.
  • This position is not open.

RecycleCT Interns 

  • All positions: contribute to research to assess recycling habits and determine effective signage for recycling and trash containers.
  • Position 1: Literature Review, Survey Development and Implementation
  • Position 2: Focus Group Development and Implementation
  • Position 3: Survey and Focus Group Results Analysis
  • These positions are not open.