A summary of the upcoming events being held by our office is below.  Our full calendar can be found here.

Upcoming Event(s):

  • Summer Program medical forms due - Friday, April 1st
  • April Saturday Session - Saturday, April 23rd 

Tutoring Sessions

An essential service we provide are our Study Sessions.  Study Sessions prepare students by offering homework assistance, aid with studying for quizzes and tests, and helping with essays among many other services.  Any student receiving below a C in any class must attend.  You can find our tutoring schedule complete with the subjects our tutors can provide assistance with here.

  • Check email for tutoring hours.
  • Sign up for PhotoStudy app! Contact coordinator for more information.

Saturday Sessions

Enrichment Saturday Sessions take place once a month on the Wesleyan campus at ESC 058 unless otherwise noted.  The sessions are from 9am until noon, and are MANDATORY for all students.  Saturday transportation schedules can be found here.

  • April - Saturday, April 23rd

College Tours

  • TBA

SAT Prep

  • TBA

Wesleyan Events

As members of the Wesleyan community, we encourage our participants and their family to take advantage of the (many) wonderful events that take place on the Wesleyan campus.  If you would like to attend the following events, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (860)685-2970.

  • TBA