Usdan Center Operations


Usdan Center Operations is a department within the Division of Student Affairs, and is responsible for the management of the Usdan University Center, Fayerweather and Memorial Chapel Complex.  We provide program support, helpful services and resources for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests. Over 40 students are employed in this area and each student is considered part of a leadership development program. They learn valuable transferable skills that may be applied to any chosen profession. If you have a suggestion for improvements to the buildings, or are interested in student employment please email


For our facilities to be vibrant campus community hub's that promote an atmosphere which encourages collaboration, celebrates diversity, and supports the University’s mission.

Mission Statement

Usdan Center Operations strives to create inclusive, safe, accessible, and welcoming environments within well-maintained facilities.

Our Goals

  • Promote student engagement, leadership, learning, and success by supporting opportunities for participation and involvement in a diverse array of programs, activities, and employment.
  • Support our campus partners located in the Usdan Center including Student Activities and Leadership Development, University Events and Conferences, Box Office, Bon Appetit, Cardinal Tech, Wes Station, and WSA
  • Offer amenities that enhance campus life and a variety of services for the campus community.
  • Provide consistent quality in customer service and event support, including room reservations, event planning, and event production.
  • Participate in on-going assessment and evaluation of services in an effort to best meet the ever-changing needs of the University community.