Renovation and Construction Facts

Some interesting facts about Usdan Construction!

  1. The Usdan University Center uses sensors to determine the actual intensity of light in a given area and will modulate the lighting to maintain this intensity.  So when the sun is shining the lights will be using less energy when it is dark the lights will be more intense to maintain the set lighting levels.  Occupancy sensors determine if spaces are being used and can shut lights off if no movement is sensed.
  2. This same system can control the shades to modulate based on exterior conditions
  3. There is 50,000 feet of radiant heat tubing in Fayerweather, Usdan and at the loading dock to provide interior radiant heating and snow melt at the loading dock.  This system puts heat where you need it so it saves energy.
  4. There are 13 walk-in coolers in the building that use compressors to keep them cool, rather than reject this heat into the atmosphere there is a water loop in the building that collects this heat and pre-heats hot water that will be used in the building.  Some of this heat is also rejected back into the building.
  5. Some of the materials used to make the building include:
    • Earth excavated for the building foundations – 1,125,000 cubic feet or 135,000,000 pounds
    • Concrete used for building foundations – 5,600 cubic yards or 22,680,000 pounds
    • Reinforcing steel used for building foundations – 645,000 pounds
    • Steel used for the building superstructure – 1,250,000 pounds
    • Concrete used in the sidewalks – 7,947,000 pounds
    • Reinforcing used in the sidewalks – 300,000 pounds
    • Granite used in the landscape – 5,000 cubic feet or 825,000 pounds
    • Terrazzo flooring used in the building – 1,000 cubic feet
    • Workhours to design the building – 40,500
    • Workhours to construction the building – 307,000
  6. In 2011 the Gameroom was reloacted to a gaming area located on the first floor, directly across from WesStation Post Office
  7. The former Basement level Gameroom was converted to a permanent Package Distribution Center run by the mailroom.
  8. The basement level Multi Purpose Room was redecorated in the Summer of 2011 and themed with traditional Wesleyan images supporting extra curricular activities.