Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I request and reserve space in the building?

    Wesleyan University faculty, staff and students are invited to use the Web Room Request System (EMS) to request a room or space on campus.  Access this system through your electronic portfolio.  Faculty and Staff: Look for the Room Request link in the Tools and Links section.  Or you may contact Wesleyan Events & Conferences at, 860.685.2280.  Students: Look for the Room Request link in the Student Life at Wesleyan section or contact the Student Activities and Leadership Development office at Please send questions about EMS (Room Request) to

    If you are an external client interested in renting a space at Wesleyan University, please contact Wesleyan Events and Conferences at 860.685.2280 or

  • How do I get to the Usdan Center?

    Click here for directions.

  • Where should I park if I am attending an event in the building?

    Parking is very limited on campus.  There is a parking lot directly across from the Usdan Center (Lot E) that is reserved for faculty, staff and Admissions Office visitors.  There are also a small number of handicap parking spaces in this lot. After 5pm there is more availabilty to park in Lot E.  However, for a listing of all other visitor parking lots on campus, please click here.

  • Is there a lost and found service in the building?

    Yes, for items lost in the Usdan Center / Fayerweather buildings a lost and found service is located at the Information Center on the first floor.  Items of significant value are also turned in to the Public Safety Office which houses the entire University lost and found.

  • Do you allow alcohol or smoking in the building?

    Alcohol is restricted to those areas of the building where it has been permitted and licensed to be served at an event only.  Guests and clients must receive prior approval for alcohol, which can be obtained while working with an event coordinator in Wesleyan Events and Conferences or the Office of Student Activities. 

    The Usdan Center and Fayerweather building are non smoking facilities.  Smoking is permitted outside at least 25 feet away from the buildings.  Our smoking policy also includes e-cigarettes and vaperizers.

  • Are pets allowed in the building?

    Per health code, no pets are allowed in the building (except for service animals).

  • How can I reserve an information table?

    Advance table reservation requests can be made in person during regular business hours by contacting Frank Marsilli, Facility and Event Manager (Usdan 126A), by phone contact (X3559), or by e-mailing

    Table reservations can be made by individual students, student groups, University Offices or Departments, and external organizations (if approved by University Center Staff).  Only one table may be reserved for any one day (University Center Staff can approve the use of more than one table subject to request, space, and availability).

    All materials on tables inside or outside the Usdan Center must comply with the University’s nondiscrimination and sexual harassment policies as outlined in the Student Handbook, and are subject to removal by University Center Staff.  Any products/services that contravene Wesleyan University’s goals, missions, or policies (i.e. fire safety: candles, incense, tapestries, etc…) will not be permitted.

    Day of only reservations may also be made at the Usdan Information Desk.

  • Where can I hang a poster or banner?

    Signs, flyers, etc should only be posted on the cork boards throughout the buildings.  Postings placed on any other surface such as doors, walls, windows, etc. will be removed. There are eight approved areas for large banners.  These spaces are reservable and banners are to be hung by Usdan Staff only.  Please contact Frank Marsilli, Facility and Event Manager (Usdan 126A), by phone contact (X3559), or by e-mailing

  • Are there bike racks located near the building?

    Individuals are not allowed to rollerblade, bike / scooter ride or skateboard inside the building.  Bicycles are not allowed to be parked in the building.  Bike racks are located outside on the courtyard and outside of the Usdan Center West entrance.

  • Do you have an outside vending program?

    All reservations for vending dates will be made through the University Center’s Facility and Events Manager, Frank Marsilli,, 860.685.3559.  The manager will contact all vendors by mail in July for vending dates in the fall semester, then again in January for the spring semester. Manager will designate a particular day for vendors to call and request dates.  Dates will be assigned on a first call, first booked basis. Vendors will be restricted to 4 dates per semester.  If more dates become available after this initial reservation phase, vendor may request additional dates. 

    Vending may not disrupt or negatively impact the daily activity of the Usdan Center, nor impact the safety of those using the building.  Any products/services that contravene Wesleyan’s goals, mission, or policies (i.e. fire safety:  candles, incense, tapestries, etc…) will not be permitted.   Vending must be passive in nature - music, lights, displays, are all subject to approval by the University Center Staff.  Vending can take place during the academic session, Monday through Friday from 9am – 6pm (which includes set up and breakdown time).  Any vendor’s advertising must comply with the University Center’s display policy.  No taping, gluing, tacking, or hanging any items from windows, walls, doors, or ceilings are permitted. All sales must be in accordance with applicable state/local laws, and comply with federal copyright, trademark, and patent regulations.   

  • Is there a dress code within the facilities?

    Per health code, shirts and shoes must be worn while in the building.