About the Program

The Wesleyan Mathematics and Science Scholars Program is a two-year program that begins the summer immediately prior to a student’s first year at Wesleyan. The summer program consists of several pre-matriculation activities to prepare students for the academic expectations in Wesleyan math and physical science courses. Over the two academic years, scholars participate in a variety of workshops and activities aimed at building sustained relationships with faculty and peers. Through mentoring, skill building, and continued reflection, Scholars develop the intellectual habits of successful science students and scholars.  The program culminates at the end of the sophomore year with the opportunity to apply for an on-campus research fellowship during the summer.
WesMaSS Students
Wesleyan accepts up to 30 students each year for the WesMaSS program. New WesMaSS students begin their participation with a summer program prior to the start of their first semester at Wesleyan. The summer component includes a two week on-line “virtual” summer bridge experience preceded by an optional six-day residential component.  Targeted programming then continues through the academic year.