Paris Press (1995–2018) was founded with the mission of publishing groundbreaking yet overlooked literature by women and educating the public about its books and authors. Its titles encompass many genres including essays, poetry, fiction, memoir, letters, creative nonfiction—the common attribute is their daring experimentation in style and courage in speaking truthfully about society, culture, history, and the human heart. Paris Press authors include Muriel Rukeyser, Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickinson, Bryher, Ruth Stone, Zdena Berger, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and others.

In 2018 ownership of Paris Press titles was transferred to Wesleyan University Press upon the retirement of Jan Freeman, the founder and publisher of Paris Press. Freeman negotiated the deal with Wesleyan with the intention of keeping this fine books in print and available for many years to come. We are no longer acquiring books under the Paris Press imprint. 


Paris Press titles include Tell Me Another Morning (Zdena Berger), The Player's Boy (Bryher), Visa for Avalon  (Bryher), The Heart to Artemis (Bryher), Simon Says (Jan Freeman), Sisters: An Anthology (Jan Freeman & Emily Wojcik), Bosnia Elegies  (Adrian Oktenberg), Houdini: A Musical (Muriel Rukeyser), The Life of Poetry (Muriel Rukeyser), The Orgy: An Irish Journey of Passion and Transformation (Muriel Rukeyser), Solitude of Self (Elizabeth Cady Stanton), Look to the Future (Ruth Stone), Ordinary Words  (Ruth Stone), Simplicity (Ruth Stone), and On Being Ill (Emily Dickinson).