David Nelson wrote and compiled Konnakkol Manual: An Advanced Course in Solkattu to assist teaching an advanced course in the rhythmic compositions of Karnatak (South Indian) music. This new instructional book picks up where his previous book, Solkattu Manual: An Introduction to the Rhythmic Language of South Indian Music, leaves off. It includes advanced exercises for developing control of odd pulse divisions, such as three and five notes per beat. There is a chapter on the sources of Karnatak tāḷas (meters), and another on the evolution of rhythmic compositions—all told through the work of three generations of musicians.


The main body of the book comprises full tani āvartanams (spoken percussion solos) in three tāḷas, together with instructions for practice, and solkaṭṭu notation. Nelson created approximately 150 instructional videos to accompany the text. The videos are accessible here.