WesWell, Office of Health Education

WesBAM! Manager Position Description


The WesBAM! Manager will work closely with the Director of Health Education and other WesWELL student employees to successfully manage and enhance the WesBAM! collective.


WesBAM! Manager

Serves as the primary supervisor for the WesBAM! collective. They are expected to serve as a leader and role model in their efforts, and to serve as an extension of the professional staff of WesWELL. Their work will support WesBAM!'s and WesWELL’s mission.  In order to be eligible to be a Manager you must have instructed through WesBAM! for at least one semester and be familiar with WesBAM! practices. The application (and interview process, if necessary) will aim to identify a candidate’s leadership skills, ability to take initiative and organize, and enthusiasm and passion for the job of WesBAM! manager.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Work collaboratively with the Director of Health Education to create a strategic plan for WesBAM!
  • Meet bi-weekly with the Director to maintain communication and forward progress
  • Oversee the WesBAM! program, including but not limited to:
    • Planning and organizing initial and ongoing information sessions for WesBAM! instructors
    • Ensuring WesBAM! Instructors are following the WesBAM!  collective guidelines
    • Yearly registration of WesBAM! as a WSA group
    • Developing WesBAM! class timelines and ensuring key points in the timeline are met
    • Distributing and monitoring the instructor participant charges spreadsheet
    • Assisting instructors in reserving spaces and following University procedures in the process
    • Maintaining the WesBAM!  website, including the updated class schedule
    • Advertising WesBAM! classes via Wesleying, Facebook, flyers, etc.
    • Recruiting and reviewing applications for WesBAM! instructors
    • Hold weekly office hours
    • Other duties as assigned and as determined as the position evolves


Hours per Week: 3-5 hours/week; The Manager will be required to hold a set 3 office hours per week, the other two hours may be flexible outside usual department hours and vary somewhat throughout the semester.  The varying hours will allow time to have instructor meetings.